• Light Newsletter

    Gregory is grateful & blessed this Thanksgiving because of your support

    You’ve given him hope and new life this holiday!

    “I came here looking for God and I found Him.”

    Gregory was raised in a loving, Christian home and planned to spend his days serving the Lord. “I grew up in church, came to know Jesus and was training to be a deacon.”
    But he began to fear what God had in store for his ministry and he walked away from his calling. “I was like Jonah. I started running from God.”

    He became an over-the-road truck driver, working hard and helping family and friends when he could, but he was growing further and further from the Lord. “I had a severed connection with God,” Gregory says.

    Then, one day, while he was driving his 18 wheeler home from a trip, God intervened. “I was thinking that I’d been doing everything for everybody except me, and a voice out of nowhere asked me, ‘What have you done for God?’”

    It shook Gregory to his foundation. When he got home, he called his employers and told them he needed an extended leave of absence because he’d lost something. “They asked me ‘What did you lose?’ and I said, ‘Jesus.’”

    Gregory entered our Christian Life Program, where Bible studies, chapel services and faith-based counseling have strengthened his faith. “They taught me to put God first, before everything else, and now I seek Him wholeheartedly,” he says. “I came here looking for God and I found Him and an abundant life.”

    “I’ve been reunited with God.”

    After completing the program, Gregory plans to go back to work, move into his own place and continue seeking the Lord’s will. Though he doesn’t yet know what God has in store for him, he’s not afraid anymore. “I know that when I seek Him first, everything will fall right in line.”

    Gregory’s heart is overflowing with gratitude this Thanksgiving because YOUR loving support gave him the confidence and support to rebuild his life. “I was spiritually broken, blowing with the wind, but now I’m spiritually grounded and I’ve found peace.”

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  • Nicholas’ Testimony

    Nicholas was ready and willing to make changes in his life when he arrived at City Union Mission the last time. He didn’t ask what could God do for him, but what did God need from him.

  • Elisha’s Testimony

    Elisha was the lone survivor in a tragic car accident killing 10 other people in his home country of Africa. It was on that day he saw Christ like never before! He now serves on staff at City Union Mission daily bringing hope to the homeless of Kansas City!

  • Staff Appreciation 2021 – Thank You

    This video was shared with the Staff and Board members of City Union Mission at the 2021 Annual Appreciation Dinner.

  • Gail’s Story

    Throughout her 21-year struggle with substance abuse, Gail remained committed to her nursing career and dedicated to her children. However, circumstances left her without a car, then a job, then a home. Through the encouragement of her son, Gail came to City Union Mission and joined our long-term program. With guidance of our compassionate staff, she is overcoming the childhood trauma that led to her addiction and learning how to walk with the Lord.

  • Randy’s Story

    Watch as Randy shares his journey from prison to the City Union Mission Christian Life Program. And now Randy is on staff at the Mission. You won’t regret listening to how God has turned his life around!

  • LaSha’s Story of Transformation

    From the Streets to College Student
    The rest of the story (continued from our Light Newsletter, Easter edition) –

    While staying at our Family Shelter, LaSha joined the New Beginnings Covenant class, rekindling her relationship with the Lord. She then moved on to our New Life Program, where she was empowered to use her creativity to heal the trauma of her past.

    “Who wants to tell their scars… who wants to tell their pain,” she shares. “But I love writing and used it to let others know who I really am and that I really need God.”

    She completed our program last summer, graduating with honors for obtaining housing and employment. She and her daughter moved into their own apartment, and she began working full time as a CNA at a local nursing facility.

    Recently, she was accepted into Metropolitan Community, where she hopes to become an English teacher and fulfill her dream of working with inner-city children. “They need so much love and they need to understand that their ticket out doesn’t have to be a gun or sex, but their education. That’s my passion!”  

    She stays in contact with our staff and turns to them often for godly mentoring and support as she builds her new life. “The Mission molded me into the woman I need to be,” she says today, “not just for myself, but for my daughter and for God.”   

  • Past Survivor Winner Speaks up for the Homeless of KC
    Thank you Danni Boatwright (past winner of Survivor) for using your voice to speak up for the homeless and poor in Kansas City! Would you stand with City Union Mission?  Click to DONATE NOW!
  • 95 Years!

    As we celebrate our history of serving this city we love, we’re also celebrating the thousands of friends and partners who have made our work possible. In our 95th year – as in year one – we’re honored to play a role in strengthening the fabric of our Kansas City community and we’re ever thankful for the prayers and financial support of caring individuals, churches, businesses and civic groups that allow us to carry out our calling. With their ongoing partnership, we’ll continue to love those who need love most, for 100 years and beyond. 

    By making a gift of $95, you will provide 5-days of food and shelter for one homeless individual.  Click to DONATE NOW!

  • Interview with Beulah Bulkley, Circa 1979

    Rev. Maurice Vanderberg, former Executive Director of City Union Mission, introduces a discussion between his daughter Beth Liebling and his mother-in-law, Beulah Bulkley.

  • Amber’s Story

    “Without the Mission, I feel like I would be dead or in jail.” There was a void in Amber’s life she was trying to fill with drugs, money and men. “By God’s grace I called on the City Union Mission and they had a room….it was an overwhelming feeling of safety.”

  • Overview of Services

    City Union Mission is located in Kansas City, Missouri. Founded in 1924, this Christian ministry is committed to sharing the gospel and meeting the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of men, women, and children who are poor or homeless.

  • L. Minor Care Center

    The L. Minor Care Center opened in January of 2018. The center provides specialized care for a vulnerable and previously under-served segment of the homeless community.

  • Mission Moment – Marshall

    In this quick 2-minute video, Marshall shares how he went from homelessness to now helping other men get on the path to recovery and to leading independent lives.

  • Mission Moment – Cathy

    In this quick 2-minute video Cathy shares how she has a heart for helping others ‘here at home” and caring for our neighbors as she volunteers in City Union Mission’s youth department.

  • Amanda – Renewed Hope

    Amanda left an abusive relationship and arrived at City Union Mission scared and emotional.  She didn’t know what to expect.  The classes they offered opened her eyes that she needed change.  She found security in the love of God out-poured to her through the staff.  “It’s not just a shelter…..That’s what people need, the love of God.” 
    (Courtesy of www.anthem-photo.com)

  • Mark – Second Chances

    Mark arrived at City Union Mission in 2016 and quickly joined our long-term Christian Life Program. He came to the Mission from prison, where he met Jesus — “I had reached the end of me. I got down on my knees and said, “God, if you even exist, I need you.” All my life I had this empty hole in my soul. I filled it with everything under the sun, but absolutely nothing filled that hole. Little did I know at the time that God had me in His hand and was patiently waiting for me to awaken.”
    (Courtesy of www.anthem-photo.com)

  • Mentoring at City Union Mission

    One of the goals of the Christian Life Program is to facilitate biblical, church-based discipleship relationships for CLP men. We recruit men from area churches to meet one-on-one with men in our program. They usually meet weekly for about an hour, at a time that is most convenient for the mentor while in the program, and hopefully continue the relationship beyond graduation. Many graduates of the program tell us that once they leave the structured environment of the program and no longer have accountability, they tend to regress and begin to drift away from Christ. Having someone to call on helps keep them on track. We currently have about 30 guys who are still in need of a mentor. For more information please contact Charles Beeghley at (816) 329-1458 or charles.beeghley@cityunionmission.org. To sign up, please click here.

  • Kevin – Transformed

    Years of health problems led to the loss of his job and then depression. After sleeping in his car and dumpsters, Kevin said he eventually dropped his pride and came to City Union Mission for help. Listen to his story of how Kevin was “transformed”.
    (Courtesy of www.anthem-photo.com)

  • People First

    Gragg Advertising’s goal with their People First Campaign is to shine a spotlight on the compassionate, philanthropic, and sincere people and organizations that truly help our city – and deserve some extra love for it.  City Union Mission was chosen as a feature for just that reason.

  • Home for Christmas

    Not everyone can be home for Christmas.  A gift to City Union Mission can help someone have a warm bed, a hot meal, a friendly smile and hope this Christmas.  Be a part of changing lives today.

  • Surprising Max

    Watch as we surprise a longtime donor and friend of City Union Mission. Max was born in 1924 the same year the Mission was founded. What a special time and great surprise from those he has helped! Bringing God’s hands and people’s hands together is an amazing thing.  So we pray, “Lord, make us all a little more like Max today.”

  • LaDonna – A Weight Lifted

    Raised by a schizophrenic mother, fighting addiction to drugs, stuck in an abusive relationship, LaDonna needed an escape for herself and her young son. She found herself at City Union Mission and learned of God’s love and her life was changed. (Courtesy of www.anthem-photo.com)

  • David

    After physical problems led to David becoming addicted to pain meds, he was soon homeless.  He knew it was wrong, but he could not stop.  He came to the Mission and got his focus on Christ.  “I made a commitment that no matter how I felt, I was going to do the right thing.”  (Courtesy of www.anthem-photo.com)

  • Sherrie

    Sherrie was left at a dark place because of sexual abuse as a child, and with the loss of her mom, she just wasn’t able to move forward after that.  She needed to feel cared for, she needed to feel loved — Sherrie found that at City Union Mission.  (Courtesy of www.anthem-photo.com

  • Greg

    When Greg was released from prison, he prayed that the Lord would give him restoration with his children and grandchildren. He arrived at City Union Mission and felt God’s love from the staff and volunteers– and he wanted what they had.  He’s readjusting to society and learning he has a purpose. (Courtesy of www.anthem-photo.com)

  • Anthony & Sharron

    Relocating from Florida to be with an ailing father, Anthony & Sharron had difficulty finding work and without transportation they ended up evicted from their apartment. The Mission had room for their family. Anthony felt safe to bring his family there — “We’d hit rock bottom and they were saying, “Come on, take my hand, I’m going to help you up”…. and they did.”  (Courtesy of www.realme.com)

  • Deborah

    It was 1979 when Deborah came to the Mission, a divorced mother of 5 children.  She knew her family was dependent on her and she had to survive.  At first she wouldn’t let anyone in, but God broke down walls she had put up and restored her faith.  Her kids are grown and doing well and she now has grandchildren to pass on her legacy of faith to.  (Courtesy of www.realme.com)

  • A Letter from John Allen Jr

    John Allen Jr. shares more of his family’s moving story in letters he wrote to his father when he graduated from the Christian Life Program and more recently as he recognizes his dad’s dedication to a Christ-centered life. Click the image below to read John Allen Junior’s most recent letter to his father.


  • There’s No Off-Season

    Kansas City Royals General Manager, Dayton Moore, cares for the homeless and for the work that City Union Mission does here in our hometown. In this commercial, he reminds us that ‘there’s no off-season’ for the homeless.

  • Sheryl

    Depression overwhelmed Sheryl’s life and left her angry with God. She came to the Mission, completed our long-term program and extended programs, and went on to obtain a position here. God rescued her from her depression. Her daughter said, “My mom is not broken anymore . . . she has her sparkle back!”   (Courtesy of www.realme.com)

  • Clarence

    Clarence had lost everything and knew it was time for a change. City Union Mission helped him see that he could turn his life around.

  • Makunda

    “Without City Union Mission, I probably would be dead.” Makunda found hope and restoration as she worked through the programs at the Mission, graduated from the long-term program, and went on to independent living.

  • James

    James’ mother shares her perspective on the life journey of a gifted son who made a wrong turn.  A story of redemption and hope.  (Courtesy of www.realme.com)

  • Michael

    Michael and his family became homeless because of bad choices he and his wife were making.  Since graduating from the New Life Program, they have learned to give each other grace.  Both coming from divorced households, they intend to end that cycle.  “Our kids are learning about Christ.  It’s just awesome!” (Courtesy of www.anthem-photo.com)

  • Nathan

    Nathan came to the Mission and quickly joined our long-term Christian Life Program.  He was abused in his childhood and ashamed of life choices he had made.  Nathan felt like there was nothing he could do right, and that he didn’t deserve anything good.  He has now graduated from the program and says, “I’m not my past mistakes.  I am who God says I am…beloved of God.”  (Courtesy of www.anthem-photo.com)

  • Terry

    “I was at the bottom, way at the bottom. I was doing drugs, drinking all the time. It was a mess, I almost died.”  — Terry has since graduated from our Christian Life Program and is working to get his life back on course. His future is much brighter now thanks to City Union Mission and those that support this vital ministry. (Courtesy of www.anthem-photo.com)

  • Anna

    Anna walked the road that many women who come to our shelter have walked.  When asked what she would say to someone who is where she once was, Anna shares with heart-tugging compassion.  (Courtesy of www.realme.com)

  • Annie

    Annie and her son came to the Mission and found hope. She soon joined the New Life Program, where the classes have helped her to be a better parent and she has found a forever friend in her relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • Grace

    “I came to the Mission because I had no place to stay. I wanted to be where I could feel safe. It’s a blessing that God has given me another chance to learn who He is.
    I wish I could say thank you to all that support this place — I wish I could just embrace them! Being at the Mission has saved my life.”

  • Mike D.

    Losing his faith at 15 years old, Mike spent years searching for something to fill the void in his life.
    After a failed marriage, addictions, and then losing everything he had worked for, he ended up at City Union Mission.

  • Mike B.

    Once a firefighter, a broken back led Mike into addiction with pain killers and the loss of his career.  He has found his way back through a relationship with Jesus Christ and the support from the Mission’s Christian Life Program.

  • Perry

    Drugs and alcohol led to his homelessness, but Perry is learning new ways to succeed as he continues in the Christian Life Program at City Union Mission.

  • Larry

    Larry came to City Union Mission in 2009.  He joined the Christian Life Program and has since completed his studies and graduated from the program this Fall. Larry has also studied and tested for his GED.
    He recently received his GED certificate and is now attending the Victory Trade School in Springfield, Missouri.

  • Lee

    Forced to face his past mistakes, Lee makes a promise to God and his life is soon on a new path of forgiveness, hope and restoration.  “I know I have a lot of work to do, but God has shown me it’s NEVER to late. This is a short life compared to the life that awaits me in Heaven.”  –Lee B.