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Meet Adam

A Heart of Thanksgiving

Adam wants to share how your support changed his life

Adam didn’t see the harm in using drugs. After all, his mother struggled with addiction and managed to love and care for her family. “I have good memories of times with her,” he says. “She spoiled me.”

In his teens, Adam began drinking and using drugs, but it took a heavy toll, eventually destroying his self-esteem, damaging his health and crushing his hopes for a happy and productive life. “I dropped out of school, was in and out of jail and couldn’t keep a job,” he says. “I got down to 115 pounds. My addiction was killing me.”

Finally, he had to be hospitalized, and when he was ready to be discharged, a case worker referred him to our Men’s Shelter, where he found a warm bed, three meals a day, medical care, clothing, everything he needed to grow physically strong.

But Adam wanted more. He wanted to learn a new way to live, so he entered our New Beginnings Covenant Recovery Program, and there he surrendered his life to Christ.

“I’ve been reborn.”

With the help of his newfound faith, Bible studies, counseling and life skills classes, Adam began processing his pain and developing the tools he needs to live a godly life. After graduating, he entered our Christian Life Program, where he continues to grow physically, emotionally and spiritually strong. “I’ve developed self-esteem and confidence. I feel brand new.”

Today, Adam is developing vocational skills through providing security at the Mission, and after he passes his high school equivalency exam, he plans to earn a degree in cyber security. For the first time in years, he has hopes for a happy and successful future. “I have a new life.”

Adam is filled with thanksgiving for God’s redeeming love in his life – and your incredible generosity and support! “I was a lost soul, but the Mission helped me become the person I was meant to be.

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