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Meet Megan

Thanks to you…

Meagan has HOPE this Christmas!

“Watching my dad and knowing my mom’s past, I was bound and determined not to do similar things. But instead I went down the same hard, wrong path.”

Meagan’s mother was incarcerated and her father died as a result of substance abuse. “So my brother and I raised ourselves.” With little parental guidance or good role models, she admits she made poor choices, among them experimenting with drugs and alcohol.

“Soon I was feeding my addiction. I couldn’t keep a job and was living out of my car, then in motels.”

When she could no longer bear that traumatic and toxic lifestyle, she came to City Union Mission – but didn’t stay. “I hadn’t yet reached my rock bottom.”

But a seed had been planted. “I was introduced to Christ my first time here, and I wholeheartedly believe God brought me back a year later.”

This time she came with her 8-year-old son.

“My life was full of uncertainty and chaos, and here I have found so much stability, structure, support – the list goes on.”

Meagan joined our New Life Program and immediately embraced our faith-based teachings. “Once you recognize God’s love for you, the process of healing and self-forgiveness can begin.” And she’s grateful to share experience with her little boy. “We pray together, go to church and read God’s word. It’s incredible to watch Him moving all over our lives.”

Through life skills and vocational development, Meagan is securing tools for independent living. And while helping in our Community Assistance department, she discovered her love of serving others. 

Now clean, sober and self-confident, she is excited about her future.

“I want to do something meaningful and I’m really drawn to the hospice field if that’s what God has planned for me.” 

She is also committed to building a Christ-centered life for her son. “I’m beginning to believe I’m the mom this little boy needs.”

Meagan has hope this Christmas – and she wants to thank YOU for supporting her journey toward a new beginning. “The cycle of homelessness and addiction is being broken, not just for me, but also for my son and generations to come.”

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