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Mental Health Services

More than just physical

The L. Minor Care Center offers a safe, secure community for men with barriers to care and special needs. Barriers to care include behavioral health challenges, mental illness, emotional struggles, developmental disabilities and age-related special needs that may not be appropriately met within the typical community of our Men’s Center.

By itself, homelessness is an uphill battle, a lifestyle that can be filled with a monumental amount of uncertainty.  Add vulnerabilities that include behavioral challenges, emotional struggles, physical and mental illness to the equation and the circumstances are compounded significantly, to a degree that is difficult
to imagine.

Sometimes even harder to overcome.

City Union Mission recognized the special attention and care that this segment of the homeless population in Kansas City needed, and opened the L. Minor Care Center (LMCC) in 2018. It’s designed to provide specialized care for a vulnerable and under-served segment of the homeless community.

Statistics show that one in four of the homeless struggle with mental health issues. And many staying in the LMCC have comorbidities, physical and mental illness often including a history of substance abuse.
Statistics also show that more than 40% have a physical disability.

The Mission’s objective is to focus on the guests’ specific, special needs leading to improvement of quality of life, management of symptoms, increased level of independence leading to transition into a higher level of care in the community.

The L. Minor Care Center’s multidisciplinary team of guest coordinators, peer and recovery specialists, care and case managers provide care and coordinate with local medical, social and mental health providers to assist L. Minor guests. The goal is to find solutions for the guests to live and thrive independently with supportive services in permanent housing, assisted living, skilled facilities and senior living.

Our L. Minor Care Center has internal programs, services and groups to focus on the guests’ specific and special needs leading to improvement of quality of life, management of symptoms, increased level of independence and transition into a higher level of care and living in the community.

Our Center’s capacity is 24 and is strategically based on our daily guests’ barriers to care, individual care needs, internal community dynamics along with safety considerations. We are not an emergency shelter, clinical inpatient or nursing/medical center and do not have an overflow space. Our referrals come internally from Mission team members, our Health Services and our interaction daily with guests.


For more information or to get assistance, please complete the form below. Or call the Hotline for the Homeless: 816-474-4599 

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