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Internship Opportunities


We offer three different internship opportunities, so please read all about them and choose the one that best fits!

Summer Internship Opportunities

RMI Internship
KCCU RMI Internship


RMI is a 11-week internship that focuses on the business and programs of nonprofit ministry to those experiencing homelessness or poverty. Our goal is to expose interns to the big picture of rescue ministry at City Union Mission. Each week, in addition to intern education and community building activities, RMIs serve alongside the Camp CUMCITO Registrar, assist with activities for shelter children, and rotate service within other areas of interests.

The Rescue Ministry Internship may be for you if you are: 
  • Interested in nonprofit work.
  • Desiring to help those who are experiencing homelessness or poverty.
  • Willing to work with gratitude and a cheerful heart. 
  • Interested in learning more about various areas of rescue/urban ministry.

Rescue Ministry Internship has the big picture in mind of how to expose people to the rescue ministry at City Union Mission. This internship works behind the scenes helping with outreach, Camp CUMCITO city side processes (send-offs and returns), helping with family chapel, and rotating through multiple departments over the course of the summer for exposure to wide-ranging tasks involved in the day-to-day execution of rescue ministry work. These tasks can involve marketing, shelter management, administration, warehouse, security, finances, food service, etc.

There are some things to expect every day for the Rescue Ministry Intern: these include praying and growing in your relationship with Christ with other staff members, choosing your assignments based on your interest and desire to know more about, and learning how City Union Mission serves those in need. The Rescue Ministry Internship assignments can even be the focus of your major, or you can experience a full range of departments to show what a non-profit ministry looks like. In addition, the Rescue Ministry allows you to experience the needs of homelessness and urban poverty while serving with hope.

City Camp Intern
City Camp Internship


City Camp is a ‘city-side’ day camp, serving at-risk youth in Kansas City’s urban core. It
focuses on sharing the gospel with students ages 7-17. City Camp provides hands-on field trips and activities to empower students educationally, spiritually, and socially. Interns will work alongside staff to lead students in all aspects of City Camp and learn to utilize opportunities to share the gospel and minister to students in their unique situations. Interns will gain experience in evangelism, discipleship, teaching, conflict resolution and classroom management.

The City Camp Internship may be for you if you desire to:
  • Share the Good News of Jesus with students in Kansas City’s urban core.
  • Grow in leadership abilities.
  • Serve and mentor students experiencing homelessness or poverty.
  • Have a career in education, social work, youth ministry, or urban ministry.

City Camp starts officially at 9 am, but we seem to always have kids trickling in prior to that. They often can’t wait for the day to get started!

Your duties will typically start at 8 am. We have to utilize that first hour to prep the majority of the day since we will be hands on with kids for the remaining seven hours. 8 am – 9 am is spent preparing breakfast on days we don’t have volunteers bringing it in. If we do have volunteers, we’ll still need to help direct them to the kitchen, help them find various utensils and things like that. Sometimes, you might ride with a staff member to go pick up our community based kids. If it is a lake day, we have to make sure we have all our lake stuff ready. That means getting swimsuits, life jackets, sunscreen, towels, and making the picnic lunch to take with us.

There are some things you can expect to happen every day for the most part. We will play a ton in the gym. You’ll quickly learn the unofficial official game of City Camp is “Legends,” a variation of dodgeball. We will also do a daily devotional with all the kids. This is obviously one of the most important things we do at City Camp, getting kids into the Bible every day. Crafts, games, and education time are staples in the daily schedule as well.

Some days we will have to prepare lunch for the kids. Other days, we will have volunteers either come in to cook, or have food delivered to us. We have field trips that are pretty regular – lake and pool weekly, but we will also sprinkle in other trips (Royals games, Zoo, Roller Skating).

We end the day by taking kids back just before 4 pm. If it was a swimming day, you might be responsible for washing and drying the towels and swimsuits that were used that day. Sometimes interns come back over during chapel time (Tuesday/Thursday, 6:45 – 7:45) to help out in the nursery with the younger kids.

Camp CUMCITO Internship


Camp CUMCITO is located near Warsaw, MO, and serves children ages 5-16 from Kansas City’s urban core, offering them unique opportunities such as tent camping, fishing, swimming, archery and crafts. Staff focus is on sharing the gospel while building relationships with their campers. Camp CUMCITO interns serve 7-weeks at the residential camp in Warsaw and 4-weeks at City Union Mission in Kansas City. This challenging and rewarding experience consistently calls interns to rise to the occasion with perseverance, leadership, mental strength and teamwork.

The Camp CUMCITO Internship may be for you if you are:
  • Diligent in your work and service to others.
  • Desiring to better understand the gospel as it relates to urban ministry and outdoor recreation.
  • Wanting to share God’s love by ministering to kids through camp opportunities.

Founded in 1935, Camp Cumcito sits near Warsaw, Missouri and offers a one-week summer Bible camp experience to 400 children and teens, ages 4-16, every summer. Serving low-income children, mainly from urban KC and rural Benton County, we give priority to those who couldn’t pay for camp otherwise. Interns function in a team to facilitate Camp CUMCITO with like minded volunteers and staff to model and teach the gospel, healthy ways of living, and relating to CUMCITO campers. Responsibilities will vary widely as the summer shifts from preparation to camp sessions and end with follow-up home visits. 

There are some things you can expect to happen every day while you are an intern at Camp CUMCITO. Camp is outside in the midst of nature where you can experience swimming, lake time, chapel two times a day, eating three meals a day, engaging with the urban core, engaging healthy lifestyle, serving in a team context, and lots more as you experience each week of camp.

The intern serves in a variety of roles over six weeks of summer camp, which include: cabin, rec, lifeguard, craft, chapel, housekeeping, food service, medical, journalism, administrative task, etc. We end each week of camp with prayer, paperwork, preparation, and rest before the next week starts.

To Apply:

  1. Login to (Create a user if you’re new.)
  2. Click ‘volunteer opportunities’ on your dashboard.
  3. Select one of the internship options and click ‘Sign Up’.
  4. Follow the prompts.
  5. Successfully completed icons will change to yellow or green. Red ‘X’ icons indicate application components that need your attention; follow the links.
  6. Email, so we can quickly respond to your app.
  7. We’ll be in touch within a few days to talk about an interview.
If you have any questions, let us know! Email us at, or call (816) 329-1403. 


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