Men’s Ministries

Offering hope for a better future

This is where you’ll find hope and help to build a better life.

Men of all ages and backgrounds are welcome and will receive food, shelter and basic medical care, as well as services and support for total life change.

Showers, personal-hygiene items and suitable clothing provided

3 wholesome meals daily

for men who spend the night at the Mission and attend chapel service.

Basic medical care provided

by an onsite nurse and Swope Health Services.

294 Shelter Beds

in the clean and substance-free environment of our Men’s Center, with overflow capabilities as needed during extreme weather conditions. Guests may stay for increments of 15 days without participating in case management. To encourage accountability and responsibility, men pay a $1 per night service fee or complete a work assignment to cover the fee.

Optional Case management

to connect men with social services and resources for housing and employment. (Those who choose not to take part in case management must leave the Mission for a 30, 60 and 90 day period between each consecutive shelter stay of 30 days.)

emergency shelter

“God lifted me from the depths of pain and gave me joy.”

It was back in 2004 when God led Marvin to the Mission – and it changed the trajectory of his life. He was a brilliant young man, a junior at Berkeley, when he began experiencing paranoia. Eventually, he dropped out of school and began wandering the streets with nothing but a backpack filled with food and a Bible…

Short Term Programs

For shelter guests seeking short-term and structured guidance toward independence and stability.

New Beginnings Covenant (NBC)

Offered in both our men’s and family shelters, individuals can apply to participate in this 6 to 8 week discipleship recovery program to help them reach their goal of moving out of homelessness.  Participants attend foundational classes in health recovery, life skills and Bible discipleship, and are introduced to career and workforce development. Individualized case management and counseling are also provided. Successful completion of the NBC program is required for application for the CLP or NLP.

Job Hunters

A three-month program to assist men in finding full-time employment. Participants maintain accountability with a case manager and attend weekly Bible studies.

Special Arrangements

Men who have full-time employment are allowed to continue their stay for three months as case managers help them manage and save money in preparation for acquiring affordable housing.

addiction programs for men
long term programs for men

Long Term Programs

These programs offer long term support and services that help guests overcome hardships and work toward a better life.

Christian Life Program (CLP)

A long term residential program which encompasses a whole-person health approach to rebuilding lives. The program includes individualized case management and counseling, weekly classes in health recovery, life skills and Bible discipleship, education and career and workforce development.  Attendance at area churches and opportunities for further education make up this comprehensive one-year program.

Transitional Living Program (TLP)

Long term program graduates are able to apply for transitional living in a Mission-owned apartment.  The TLP assists graduates in budgeting their resources while they are working and/or pursuing education.  Participants pay a nominal rental fee, which is held in reserve and returned to the participant at the end of the program in order to be used as a deposit to secure their own housing.

Vocational Development

Vocational Development at City Union Mission is an outcomes-oriented service of the discipleship recovery program that provides participants the opportunity to assess vocational goals and needs and acquire a skill set necessary to live their most viably-secure independent life.  This service also provides assistance to long term program graduates to enable a successful employment search.

Learning Centers

Located in our Christian Life Center, and our Family Center, the Learning Centers offer educational advancement to participants of long term programs. Utilizing quality curriculum, partnerships, and technology, the Learning Center staff assist in developing personalized educational goals to prepare for vocational opportunities, earn a High School Diploma or equivalency, achieve greater quantitative and literacy skills, and other identified goals.

“I was in a very dark place.”

“I grew up in foster homes, group homes and street shelters,” Dempsey says. “At a very young age I learned to take care of myself.” Sadly, influenced by his detrimental surroundings, his self-education also included the use of alcohol and drugs…

in recovery, christ-based recovery


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