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Our Impact

See how your support makes a difference in peoples lives.

Homelessness is on the rise in Kansas City. More people find themselves struggling – emotionally, financially and spiritually. Over the past few years, a growing number of people are experiencing the desperation and heartbreak of homelessness.

You may see them on the street. But do you know their stories?


Addiction & overdose deaths are increasing

Rise in availability & cheaper cost of opioids – between January and June 2021, Kansas had 334 overdose deaths. That’s up from 259 deaths total in 2020 – a 54% increase.

“In my heart, I wanted to quit using drugs and alcohol… and I had a desire to come back to God.” – Chris, a guest at City Union Mission

“My health issues left me unable to work… and I needed a place to stay where I felt safe.” – Yolanda, a guest at City Union Mission


More people are living in poverty or becoming homeless

Finding affordable housing & difficulty earning a living wage

Mental illness is going untreated

High cost of medication & lack of specialized care available

“As a young man, I began experiencing psychosis… and became homeless, wandering the streets alone.” – Marvin, a guest at City Union Mission

Hope Lives Here!

Thanks to your support, our doors are ALWAYS open to our Kansas City neighbors who need personal and spiritual transformation in their lives.


Your support changed Bobbi’s life!

“I’d been abused as a child, and when I got married, my husband continued the abuse. I drowned my feelings in alcohol… and I lost all hope. By God’s grace, I came here and was welcomed with open arms and lots of love from the staff – and met the Lord. Before the Mission, I was lonely and lost. Now, I’m a God-centered woman… and feel whole again.”

Your Impact Last Year


nourishing meals served to Kansas City neighbors


nights of safe shelter


medical services provided


hours of Biblical counseling & skills classes


people staying in our shelters each day (on average)


hours of job training & hands-on experience


decisions made for Christ


children experiencing the joy of Summer Camp


graduates from our residential recovery programs


guests received vehicles


men & women in our recovery programs

Thank you for making a difference in so many people's lives!

Because of you, we’ll continue to welcome our hurting and homeless neighbors with God’s love and the care that transforms their lives!

Your support meets needs & transforms lives!

Your generous gifts provide life-changing care that offers men, women, and children the chance for personal and spiritual wholeness. Please help today!

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