Vocational Development

A Foundation for the Future

Vocational Development at City Union Mission is an integrated, essential part of our long-term programs that help our participants build a foundation for the future.

Vocational Development is designed to make our participants “work ready,” so they may live a secure independent life.

We want to take them off the path of living job-to-job and paycheck-to-paycheck and instead help them build a career that provides livable income and benefits, allowing them to be a productive contributor in their work, community, home and church.

The path to Work Readiness consists of four elements

Each designed to develop education, skills and attributes to help them find stable, meaningful employment.

computer literacy classes

Core Education

We provide paths for our participants to complete a high school education and develop quantitative and reading literacy, as well as business and computer skills. This greatly increases their ability to find and sustain employment.

building contracting school

Vocational Training

Most jobs require at least some measure of technical training or skills, even for introductory positions. Our in-house or partner-provided training helps develop baseline competencies that open the door to a variety of skilled trades.

work detail

Work Experience

Many jobs prefer candidates to have prior work experience of some sort in the field. Workforce Academy, offered at our Lexington Ave facility, provides longer, more in-depth training leading to employment readiness at an entry level.

adult classes

Career Development

Reentering the workplace and navigating the modern online application process can be intimidating to anyone, especially those who have experienced homelessness, are recovering from substance abuse or are justice-involved. We help them develop a realistic career trajectory and plan, develop skills in resume building, writing applications and interviewing, and provide support and assistance in the job search process and as they begin their new career.

"Now I'm ready to get out and experience my new life... to get a job and enjoy my life with God."

-Mark, a participant in our long-term program

Vocational training

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