Walking in Faith, Serving in Love

Our Leadership Team

We are blessed to have an amazing team of leaders who faithfully serve the Mission and guide our efforts as we do the Lord’s work.

Each and every one of them are committed to helping our ministry work to our full potential, so we can help transform as many lives as possible. We would like to introduce you to our Executive Leadership Team and Board of Directors who lead us with humility, integrity and the love of Jesus.

Dr Terry Megli

Chief Executive Officer

Karl Ploeger

Chief Development Officer

Lynn Johnson

Chief Programs Officer

Mike Fields

Chief Operations Officer

Kevin Gabriel

Chief Financial Officer

Mark Rondeau

Chief Information Officer

Debbie Mance

Director of Human Resources

Michael Wilson

Executive Director of Programming

Jon Capp

Chief Officer of Physical Project Planning

Leanna Uniak

Executive Creative Director

Rhonda Proctor


Michael Wilson

Executive Director of Programming

Our Board Of Directors

Sheri Blauwiekel

George Brooks

Robert Brown

Diane Calhoon

Kerry Classen

Jim Ewan

Paul Johnson

Leon Jones

David Langford

Vincent Lopez

Ken Riedemann

Cedar Robinson

Kevin Rucker

Tim O’Brien 

Mark Sewalson

Mike Wallace