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Car Ministry Program

Providing dignity through transportation

Our goal with clients is to see true transformational change for life-long success. That success includes reliable transportation.

One of the greatest challenges our graduates face on the road to independence is reliable transportation. Even where public options are available, they can be time consuming and inflexible. Through our Car Ministry Program, we ensure many of our graduates are supported with a way to get to work, manage grocery shopping, appointments and care for their families’ needs by providing them with a dependable vehicle. Qualified candidates will receive a car and assistance maintaining that car for a year.

Below are the basic elements
for receiving a car:

When program participants are in the last phase of the P.A.T.H. program and have a letter of intent from a job, they can apply for a car with their Case Manager.

Case Managers assist the program participant with the application process to receive a reliable automobile.

Approved applicants are given the car along with support for insurance, licenses and taxes.

They receive a car and assistance with maintaining that car up to a year, even after they have left the Mission.

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