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Gail's Story

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Throughout her 21-year struggle with substance abuse, Gail remained committed to her nursing career and dedicated to her children. However, circumstances left her without a car, then a job, then a home. Through the encouragement of her son, Gail came to City Union Mission and joined our long-term program. With guidance of our compassionate staff, she is overcoming the childhood trauma that led to her addiction and learning how to walk with the Lord.

Randy's Story

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Watch as Randy shares his journey from prison to the City Union Mission Christian Life Program. And now Randy is on staff at the Mission. You won't regret listening to how God has turned his life around!

LaSha’s Story of Transformation

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From the Streets to College Student
The rest of the story (continued from our Light Newsletter, Easter edition) -

While staying at our Family Shelter, LaSha joined the New Beginnings Covenant class, rekindling her relationship with the Lord. She then moved on to our New Life Program, where she was empowered to use her creativity to heal the trauma of her past.

“Who wants to tell their scars… who wants to tell their pain,” she shares. “But I love writing and used it to let others know who I really am and that I really need God.”

She completed our program last summer, graduating with honors for obtaining housing and employment. She and her daughter moved into their own apartment, and she began working full time as a CNA at a local nursing facility.

Recently, she was accepted into Metropolitan Community, where she hopes to become an English teacher and fulfill her dream of working with inner-

city children. “They need so much love and they need to understand that their ticket out doesn’t have to be a gun or sex, but their education. That’s my passion!”  

She stays in contact with our staff and turns to them often for godly mentoring and support as she builds her new life. “The Mission molded me into the woman I need to be,” she says today, “not just for myself, but for my daughter and for God.”   

95 Years!

  Success Stories 

As we celebrate our history of serving this city we love, we’re also celebrating the thousands of friends and partners who have made our work possible. In our 95th year – as in year one – we’re honored to play a role in strengthening the fabric of our Kansas City community and we’re ever thankful for the prayers and financial support of caring individuals, churches, businesses and civic groups that allow us to carry out our calling. With their ongoing partnership, we’ll continue to love those who need love most, for 100 years and beyond. 

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