Camp CUMCITO 2021 – Junior – Week 4

As the 7, 8 and 9 year-olds pulled into Camp CUMCITO for Junior camp this year, the buses were greeted by all the workers, cheering their arrival. 

A favorite thing to do at camp is playing in the swimming pool.  First campers must pass a swim test and then they can jump off the diving board. On these hot, summer days the pool is a refreshing break. After swimming each day, the kids get to pick out a candy bar or chips and a drink from the canteen.

Activity rotations bring variety to their days— such as cabin devotions, outdoor tag games, four square, playground time and disc golf.  In the evenings they play water wars with water guns and water balloons. Another great way to cool off!

The kitchen staff at camp provides approximately 110 campers and staff with three square meals a day— and the food is delicious! 

The campers made s’mores around the camp fire, they climbed a rock wall in the gymnasium, play Gaga Ball and made crafts each day.

The lake, located on the grounds of Camp CUMCITO, is always a lot of fun!  There is a HUGE blue and yellow trampoline in the middle of the lake.  All campers must put on life jackets before jumping off the dock and swimming out to the trampoline.  It was a blast. The kids also took turns trying to knock each other off of the battle barge (a floating island in the middle of the lake).

During the day, the campers spent chapel time in small groups where they asked a lot of great questions like, “How do we know God is talking to us?” and “What would God do if Lucifer repents?” and “Why would God send his son if he knew he was going to die?”  Their leader assured them that the Bible has answers to lots of their questions. 

They learned of how David in the Bible loved God so much and that they should love God like David did.  The campers learned that they all play a part in God’s great plan even though we can’t see the big picture. 

The campers made new friendships and grew close to their counselors.  Many made plans to get together after they get home from camp.  

Friday was the carnival, where campers participate in all kinds of games— like a cupcake eating contest and a dunk booth! 

It is rewarding for the camp staff to know that they are impacting God’s kingdom by working hard in this ministry.  It is fun to invest in the lives of these kids.  It is a special gift that these children let us into their hearts.  It is truly beautiful to see the body of Christ working in harmony.  Camp is a perfect picture of staff members doing their part for a common goal.  Everyone has their individual jobs and when they work together, it creates a symphony of cohesion and bonds us together.