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City Union Mission Has a Long History of Serving the Homeless Community and Currently Has Open Bed Space at Their Men’s Shelter

“It is our goal to always extend care, compassion and assistance to those that come to the Mission as a place of refuge and hope. We are ready!”  —Chief Executive Officer Dr. Terry Megli


KANSAS CITY, Mo.— In response to the ever-changing needs of Kansas City, City Union Mission stands ready to support the needs of the poor and homeless.  Currently their Men’s Shelter has space and staff available to accommodate 150 additional men.  Their Family Shelter is generally always full, but beds and rooms for families do become available throughout the week.  Individuals are encouraged to call the Hotline for the Homeless at (816) 474-4599.


“Our staff is always watching, learning, and listening to those we serve — the homeless men, women and families that come through our doors.  We want to remove any barriers that might keep them from seeking the assistance that City Union Mission can provide,” said Chief Executive Officer Dr. Terry Megli. “We continue to enhance and advance our approach to address the homeless issue in Kansas City.”


Throughout the Mission’s nearly 100 years of caring for the poor and the homeless of our city, they are diligent to look for those areas where they can improve to ensure best practices, so they can continue ‘standing in the gap’ for their guests.


The following are some recent updates City Union Mission has implemented at their Men’s Shelter:

  • They implemented a new Men’s Shelter Pathway, which presents guests with a choice of the nature of their stay with us—choosing to be a Day or Night shelter guest. Day guests wish to stay in the facility during the day, whereas Night guests prefer to be gone during the day to seek employment.
  • Each guest receives Case Management each week to help establish and receive support for their goals (e.g., rest, recovery, job search/employment, medical, etc.).
  • Guests are consistently offered the opportunity to maintain a longer-term safe and secure living environment by choosing to participate in our 12–14 month recovery programs.
  • Shelter guests sleep in an assigned bed each night of their stay, giving them added security and familiarity, at a time of uncertainty in their lives.
  • As part of the new Men’s Shelter Pathway, each guest is required to participate in community contribution time where they will complete a nominal housekeeping task.
  • Shower curtains have been installed to respect the privacy of the individual.
  • Men are provided clean sleepwear, consisting of season-appropriate bottoms (i.e., sleep shorts in the summer and sleep pants in the winter) and a t-shirt. This allows for their street clothes to be laundered.
  • Bedding and sleepwear are laundered daily. Men are provided free clean clothing upon request. Guests have access to do personal laundry.

“It is our goal to always extend care, compassion and assistance to those that come to the Mission as a place of refuge and hope,” said Megli. “We are ready!”


To learn more about City Union Mission’s ministry’s comprehensive programs and services for the homeless and hurting, or how local ministries, civic groups or other organizations can help raise awareness about mental health disorders in our community, visit


City Union Mission is an evangelical Christian ministry committed to sharing the Gospel and meeting the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of men, women and children who are poor or homeless.

City Union Mission. Loving those who need love most.