Hope Lives Here Podcast

Hope Lives Here Podcast

City Union Mission's podcast is called Hope Lives Here.

Each episode will give you the opportunity to explore the Mission's origins and its history, introduce you to those who work here, and help you discover how the Mission ministers to the poor and homeless in our community through its programs and services.

Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Terry Megli, will be a regular guest on the program, along with other staff members who also play significant roles within the ministry.

Episode 15 – Travis Strong

July 6, 2023

City Union Mission is known for its ministry to the homeless in Kansas City. What many people don’t know about is our Community Assistance program that helps low-income women and families meet their basic needs and reduce their family’s financial strain. Travis Strong, the Mission’s Associate Director, Women and Family Ministry is the guest on this episode.

“What we try to do is provide things that would be ultimately a budget relief for them.” – Travis Strong, Associate Director, Women and Family Ministry

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