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Meet Justin

Meet Justin The love YOU share gives neighbors like Justin hope for a better life… A tragic event Justin experienced as a teenager changed the trajectory of his life. “It left me feeling lost, alone and with no boundaries,” he says, “as if I had no meaning or purpose.” He began searching for something to […]

Hope Beyond Homelessness Roundtable

As City Union Mission celebrates its 100th year of serving the homeless in Kansas City, we would like to provide an opportunity for your pastoral staff to participate in this training session on how to address the homeless in your community.

Bikers with a Mission

In celebration of the Mission’s 100-year Anniversary in 2024, we are thrilled to announce the return of the Bikers With A Mission (BWAM) City Union Mission Benefit Ride!

Meet Kevin

Kevin Anderson

Meet Kevin Kevin is celebrating Easter with JOY – because of you! Thank you for showing him that new life is possible. Years of abuse at the hands of his father sparked Kevin’s rebellious nature, and it took him down a self-destructive path. “I felt different from other people,” he says. So he sought belonging […]

Looking Ahead

Your support each month of 2024 will transform even more lives in our community – like Kevin…

Meet Meagan

Meet Megan Thanks to you… Meagan has HOPE this Christmas! “Watching my dad and knowing my mom’s past, I was bound and determined not to do similar things. But instead I went down the same hard, wrong path.” Meagan’s mother was incarcerated and her father died as a result of substance abuse. “So my brother […]

Meet Adam

Meet Adam A Heart of Thanksgiving Adam wants to share how your support changed his life Adam didn’t see the harm in using drugs. After all, his mother struggled with addiction and managed to love and care for her family. “I have good memories of times with her,” he says. “She spoiled me.” In his […]

Meet Debbie

Meet Debbie Thank you for loving your neighbor, Debbie, and giving her hope for the future! Debbie grew up in a world of contradictions, of light and darkness, of love and fear. “I went to church my entire life and always believed Jesus was my Lord and Savior,” she says. “But I also had a […]

Meet Gordon

Meet Gordon Thank you for giving Gordon a new beginning. Because of you, he has joy in his heart this Easter! Gordon wanted to be just like his father. “He only had a third-grade education, but he owned his own successful business. He was a strong man who believed in himself and taught me to […]