City Union Mission Announces a New GAP Year Program. A Residential Program to Equip Disadvantaged Young Adults for College or a Career and Life Preparedness.

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“Our goal is to help them create life goals and a plan to obtain gainful employment or thrive at college while also growing their faith and service to others.” —Chief Executive Officer Terry Megli KANSAS CITY, Mo.— The Mission’s new Gap Year program is dedicated to preparing low-income and disadvantaged young adults on their journey […]

Meet Gregory

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Meet Gregory “I came here looking for God and I found Him.” Gregory was raised in a loving, Christian home and planned to spend his days serving the Lord. “I grew up in church, came to know Jesus and was training to be a deacon.” But he began to fear what God had in store […]

Meet Ori-Oma Saulters

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Meet Ori-Oma Saulters “Everybody is broken when they come here…” Ori-Oma looks back on her childhood as a time of abuse and neglect. When she was 6, her mother remarried to a man who was physically abusive. “My stepfather was very problematic… I believe he’d been abused as a child, and he perpetuated it with […]

Meet Jodi

Meet Jodi Not Enough Thanks to Give! “They fed me… they gave me a bed to sleep in… and they helped me get saved.” Growing up in a dysfunctional household, Jodi witnessed a pattern of abuse as a child that followed her into adulthood. She fell into a controlling relationship that eroded her confidence and […]

Meet Willie

Meet Willie Your support is giving Willie a second chance and he can’t thank you enough! “I Feel Like I’ve Got a Purpose.” After many years of working for a major manufacturing company, Willie was laid off. Not only did the job loss destroy his livelihood, it also shattered his self-esteem. “I began feeling I […]

Meet Natasha

Meet Natasha Grateful through it all: Natasha is especially thankful for YOU! “I have this grateful heart.” After years of struggling with substance abuse, Natasha regained her sobriety and remained clean for nearly a decade. Longing for change and believing she was ready, she took a new job in Las Vegas. But instead of making […]

Meet Dempsey

Meet Dempsey Thanks to you…Dempsey has been given a life-changing gift this Christmas “I was in a very dark place.” “I grew up in foster homes, group homes and street shelters,” Dempsey says. “At a very young age I learned to take care of myself.” Sadly, influenced by his detrimental surroundings, his self-education also included […]

Meet Marvin

Meet Marvin Marvin is celebrating new life this Easter! Thank you for touching his life with hope. “Now I can be a light to others.” Marvin wandered the streets of the city, disoriented and confused. He was a brilliant young man, a junior at Berkeley, when he began experiencing paranoia. “I thought people were talking […]

Meet Natasha

Meet Natasha Natasha is so grateful you have given her new life! “My heart was ice cold, but now there’s love there.” Natasha grew up in a living hell, abused for years, in every way, by her mother’s boyfriends. It left her severely traumatized. “I was so disconnected that I didn’t think I could ever […]