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Meet Natasha

Grateful through it all: Natasha is especially thankful for YOU!

“I have this grateful heart.”

After years of struggling with substance abuse, Natasha regained her sobriety and remained clean for nearly a decade. Longing for change and believing she was ready, she took a new job in Las Vegas. But instead of making a fresh start, she was influenced by others who led self-destructive lifestyles, and sadly, she rekindled her addiction.

“I believe it happened because my foundation wasn’t built on Jesus,” she says. “My life really fell apart.”

Angry with herself and her deteriorating situation, she rebelled against authority, committed unlawful acts and finally was arrested and incarcerated. While in jail, “I was introduced to God by a girl who said she loved Jesus. From there I began reading the Bible and Christian testimonies of others who’d once lived similar lives to mine.”  

When Natasha was released, she knew she needed help to learn to live her life for Christ. After researching recovery programs, she came to City Union Mission. 

“I love Jesus so much. There’s nothing anyone could ever tell me that would convince me there’s not a God.” 

“I was drawn to the Mission because I knew Jesus was there and because of their New Life Program for helping the homeless,” she says. “And what I’m experiencing is remarkable.”

With spiritual counseling and Christ-centered guidance, she’s uncovering and healing from wounds of her past which were the deep-rooted cause of her addiction. Through adult education and work-skills training, she’s regaining self-esteem, recognizing her talents and preparing to build a career.

Now, as a whole person, she is eager to reenter society and feels God calling her to help others. “I want to go into the jails and give my testimony to the women there before they’ve lost hope,” she says. “I want a job in the Kingdom of God to give back for what has been given to me.”

As Natasha celebrates this Thanksgiving, she feels incredibly thankful for your compassion and support – and how it’s given her a new beginning. “I’m so grateful for this program. It has changed the way I see myself, because you are truly healed here. I found Jesus and I found myself.”

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