Family Services

For single women or parents with children who need shelter and assistance with life necessities


»142 beds in 28 rooms equipped for single or family occupancy, with overflow capabilities as needed during extreme weather conditions. First-time guests may stay for 30 days, with two-week stays allowed for subsequent visits.  All guests receive case management.

»Three wholesome meals daily, along with personal-hygiene items and suitable clothing

»Basic medical care provided by on-site nurse and Swope Health Services

»Chapel services for adults and children

»Assigned chores to keep facility clean and comfortable

»Nursery/preschool for children ages 6 months to 6 years, staffed by trained educator »Introduction to longer-term life recovery programs and tours of New Life Center

For shelter guests seeking short-term and structured guidance toward independence and stability

New Beginnings Covenant (NBC)

An eight-week program that provides biblically based life-skills classes and counseling in the mornings so guests may be employed and work in the afternoon, evenings and weekends. During this time guests may also be assessed and prepare to enter the long-term New Life Program.

Family Center Shelter Transitional Living Program (FCTLP)

Families who have steady jobs but have become homeless due to circumstances that have caused them to fall behind on rent or utilities—or due to emergency health or personal situations—are provided with up to six months of comfortable shelter, nourishing food, and basic medical services, along with life-skills classes and the guidance of a case manager, while they save the money needed to pay past debts and make deposits to re-establish a permanent home.

New Life Center

For women and families dedicated to recovery from addiction and other destructive challenges and desiring to rebuild a stable and Christ-centered lives for themselves and their children

New Life Program (NLP)

A nine-plus month residential program which takes a holistic and personalized approach to rebuilding lives physically, mentally, socially and spiritually through individualized case management and counseling, work therapy, adult education, career development and job placement. Clients are required to work toward their GEDs and the program focuses on empowering women with marketable job skills and promoting a healthy lifestyle through fitness and nutrition.

After Care

After completing the NLP, graduates are enrolled in our Community New Life Program (see below) where they receive assistance with personal goals toward sustaining their independence. A case manager makes home visits to guide them in strengthening their connection with a local church and other vital resources, empowering them to complete their journeys to becoming stable and productive Christians in their communities.

Servant Leadership Institute (sLi)

Graduates of the NLP may be accepted into the SLi where they are prepared and trained for a career in rescue mission ministry and hold the legal classification of intern. There is no cost to attend the program and the Mission provides room and board in return for up to 20 hours a week of on-the-job training. The student may also hold a part-time job outside the Mission to cover incidental expenses.

Click below to visit the Servant Leadership Institute page.

Learning Center

Program residents can access computers for developing workplace skills and participating in online training. Volunteers and staff are also on hand to tutor adult “students” in math, reading and other subjects as they prepare for GED exams.

Community New Life Program

Case management and guidance is provided for neighbors in the community who have their own homes but struggle to remain independent. They have access to the Learning Center and may participate in life-skills and Bible classes at the Family Shelter.


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