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Minor Care Center

A building in service of men with physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs.

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The purpose of the Minor Care Center is to provide longer-term care, in a biblically based, Christ-centered environment, for men with mental health diagnoses, physical disabilities, emotional and spiritual needs who are not presently receiving care and much needed attention.

 Right now, we typically receive over 75 men each night who have disabilities ranging from debilitating mental illness to physical handicaps. These men stay in the general population, which is not conducive to their overall care because we cannot focus on their special needs. Therefore, our plan is to provide a place which will allow dedicated attention to the special needs population. We will be providing between 40 and 60 beds and more intensive counseling and case management through cooperative partnerships with medical and psychological staff/facilities to help these men transition into their own living arrangements.

Cost to renovate building: $675,500

Programmatic cost for first three years: $757,620

There are many expenses associated with renovating this building. If you would like to support this project in any way or would like more information, please contact Lauren Delker at (816)329-1459 or