City Union Mission Prepared to Meet Critical Cold Weather Needs


“ . . . in these extreme temperatures, we could be called on to care for as many as 500 homeless men, women and children on a daily basis.”
Executive Director Dan Doty

KANSAS CITY, Mo.—Current frigid winter temperatures have ushered an influx of homeless men, women and families to the doors of City Union Mission. Mission staff and volunteers are prepared to meet the increase in demand for their services. “The homeless simply shouldn’t have to survive outside this time of year,” said Executive Director Dan Doty. “That’s why we look for signs of hypothermia—shivering, nausea, confusion, slurred speech. Especially for people who are older, ill or in poor physical condition, it can be a life or death situation.”

“Warm clothes, nutritious meals, and a safe place to sleep are all most people need to avert danger,” Doty explained. The Mission typically provides shelter, food and other life essentials for an average of 400 people each night throughout the winter months. “But in these extreme temperatures, we could be called on to care for as many as 500 homeless men, women and children on a daily basis. With the increase in guests that cold weather brings, we have depleted our reserve of canned vegetables—such as corn, peas, green beans and mixed vegetables.”

Doty invites the community to help the Mission care for the homeless throughout the winter months, and they can do so in a number of different ways. “Along with canned vegetables—peanut butter, jelly and toilet paper are always appreciated to help us care for our guests and provide them with balanced and nutritious meals,” he said. Monetary gifts are also needed to help cover the costs of the Mission’s utility bills, which increase as the weather grows colder and the number of guests rises.

Material donations can be delivered to 1700 E 8th Street in Kansas City, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monetary donations can be made online at All financial gifts received by January 31 will be counted toward the organization’s Celebrate Hope fundraising campaign goal.

More information about all of the Mission’s comprehensive programs and services to the homeless and hurting can be found at


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