City Union Mission Partners with Swope Health for COVID-19 Testing

“We are greatly relieved to know that none of our current homeless guests or staff have the virus.”
                                                                            —Chief Executive Officer Terry Megli


City Union Mission Partners with Swope Health for COVID-19 Testing


KANSAS CITY, Mo.—On Tuesday, June 2, Swope Health administered on-site COVID-19 (coronavirus) tests to all City Union Mission long-term program residents. Testing was provided at no cost to the Mission as part of Swope Health’s efforts to keep our community healthy and reduce the spread of the virus. All 94 guests in their long-term programs tested negative for the coronavirus.

“We are greatly relieved to know that none of those men and women in our long-term programs have the virus,” said City Union Mission Chief Executive Officer Terry Megli. “This doesn’t mean that we are in any way letting our guard down or easing our practices in place to prevent the spread of the virus. It is reassuring to know that our efforts have been worthwhile and appear to be working.” The Mission will continue to follow the preventative actions recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to prevent the spread of the virus.


In addition to their daily routine cleaning protocols, Mission residents and staff have been thoroughly washing hands, avoiding touching eyes and face, social distancing, wearing face coverings and sanitizing high-touch areas frequently. The Mission has also limited non-essential visits and adjusted their services and outreach ministries to minimize the risk of exposure.


“We are grateful to Swope Health for this testing opportunity,” said Megli. “Many of the folks we serve are high-risk with compromised immune systems or underlying health conditions. Providing these tests to our residents is another way we can help reduce the spread of the virus. As the number of individuals and families experiencing the financial devastation of the virus increases, the Mission is preparing for more people to turn to us for help. We are asking for our community’s support to ensure we have needed supplies to care for these individuals and keep them safe and healthy.”


The Mission is asking for donations of bar and liquid soap, hand sanitizer, tissues, toilet paper, disinfectants such as Clorox and Pine-Sol, and disposable face masks and gloves. Donations of fresh fruits and vegetables, bottled water and healthy snacks are always welcome.


Donations can be dropped off Mon-Fri, 8am-4pm at 1700 E. 8th Street, KCMO.  Cash donations can be made online at


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