City Union Mission gratefully accepts gifts of property and securities, including stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Gifts of Real Estate Property Some donors generously donate gifts of real estate property to City Union Mission. These have been a great resource for us to help minister to the poor or homeless. To donate real estate property to City Union Mission, please contact Linda Vochatzer, Chief Financial Officer, at (816) 329-1463 or Gifts of Stocks and Other Securities Gifts of stocks and other securities (bonds, mutual funds, etc.) allow you to give without depleting your liquid cash reserves. Our bank, Commerce Trust Company, handles the receipt of securities transfers. To donate securities, please contact Carrie Larson, Certified Trust Financial Advisor, at (816) 234-2000, ext. 2883 or We request you contact City Union Mission prior to making your gift, as stock transfers are often completed without the donor’s identity included. By contacting us with the name of the stock and the number of shares donated, we can locate your gift quickly. If you have questions or would like to discuss making a gift of stocks, bonds, or mutual funds please call (816) 329-1475 or contact us here. Giving Appreciated Property If you possess non-cash property, such as stocks and mutual funds, that has grown in value and has been held for longer than one year, you can generally expect greater tax savings from giving such property than from giving an equivalent amount of cash – gifts of appreciated property let you bypass capital gains taxes that may be due if you sell the asset. Also, you are entitled to a charitable deduction based on the property’s current value, including the “paper profits” you have earned since you have owned it. This is an excellent way to make a generous gift to City Union Mission. Giving Depreciated Property If you possess stock or other property that has decreased in value, you will normally save more in taxes by selling them and donating the proceeds. In such cases, you may then be able to claim a capital loss on your tax return. You also can deduct the cash proceeds you give as a charitable gift, and enjoy tax deductions that amount to more than the current value of the asset. Making the Gift Please consult your tax advisor to decide if a gift of stock, bonds, or mutual funds is a good strategy for you. If so, please contact City Union Mission 24 hours prior to making your gift. If your broker is handling the giving process, please direct them to provide us your name, address, and the number and name of the financial institution. City Union Mission is humbled every single day by the gracious gifts we receive. If you have questions or would like to receive more information before giving, please call (816) 329-1475 or contact us here.