COVID-19 Response Statement






City Union Mission
COVID-19 Response Statement as of 09/24/2020

The challenges for those who are homeless or those living in severe poverty are complex.  They often find it difficult to access information or understand how to self-quarantine when needed.  They may also struggle to access water and soap for hand washing and other personal hygiene needs.  The Mission’s continued services to the homeless and impoverished will help to prevent even more desperation already being experienced by many across our community and provide for them a safe place to gain restoration and stability for life

In addition to the Mission’s daily routine cleaning protocols, our residents and staff have been thoroughly washing hands, avoiding touching eyes and face, social distancing, wearing face coverings and sanitizing high-touch areas frequently. The Mission has also limited non-essential visits and adjusted their services and outreach ministries to minimize the risk of exposure.

Currently, we are allowing volunteer opportunities for outdoor projects at our Downtown locations and in our City Thrift Stores throughout the Metro. We are limiting all indoor volunteering to only Chapel providers, Spiritual mentors, and Learning Center tutors. For all food and kitchen donations and volunteers, we are asking that only food prepared by licensed food handlers be delivered and dropped off at this time.

Thanksgiving and Christmas Volunteers

Though the holidays will be a little different than normal, we are still committed to providing help and hope to the poor and homeless. We will be opening up our volunteer sign-up for Spiritual Interviewers and Christmas Store helpers. We have put COVID protocols in place, including wearing a mask or face covering, social distancing, and frequent sanitizing of common areas, to help keep our volunteers and community safe.

 Material Donations
Currently, we are still accepting donations at our material warehouse located at 1700 E 8th Street Kansas City, MO, 8am-4pm, Monday-Friday.  You can find a list of our most-needed items at the bottom of our homepage.

Our City Thrift Store drivers are not picking up donations from private homes. Our Shawnee, Antioch and Waldo City Thrift Stores are open for shopping and operating with normal business hours. Our Lexington location is still currently closed.

Community Assistance
The Mission's Community Assistance services department is open Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, 1:00pm – 3:00pm.  Daily limits of clients, social distancing and other precautions will be practiced.

As always, we greatly appreciate your continued support and prayers.  If you have questions or comments, please feel free to email or call.  Our general email address is and our phone number is (816) 474-9380, ext. 1420.  You can also follow us on Facebook for additional information as it becomes available.