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Confidentiality Agreement

For High Impact Volunteer:

As a volunteer, you may have access to information and reports from City Union Mission. You will have access to what this agreement refers to as “confidential information”. Confidential information includes donor and client information and reports, as well as access codes and computer passwords. You may learn of or have access to some of this confidential information through a computer system, files, or volunteer activities.

Confidential information is valuable and sensitive and is protected by law and by strict City Union Mission policies. The intent of these laws and policies is to assure that confidential information will remain confidential. Your principal obligations in this area are explained below.

Accordingly, as condition of and in consideration of your access to confidential information, you promise that:

  1. You will use confidential information only as needed to perform your legitimate duties as a volunteer receiving information from City Union Mission. This means, among other things, that:
    1. You will only access confidential information for which you have a need to know
    2. You will not in any way divulge, copy, release, sell, loan, review, alter, or destroy any confidential information except as properly authorized by City Union Mission.
    3. You will not misuse confidential information or carelessly care for confidential information
    4. You will not identify our clients to others. In other words, you will not reveal that any particular client is staying in our facilities or using our services
  2. You will safeguard and will not disclose any volunteer access codes or any other authorization you have that allows you to access confidential information. This includes all computer passwords given to you.
  3. You accept responsibility for all activities undertaken using your access code, passwords, and other authorization.
  4. You will report activities by an individual or entity that you suspect may compromise the confidentiality of confidential information. This included unauthorized access to computer files and data. Reports made in good faith about suspect activities will be held in confidence to the extent permitted by law, including the name of the individual reporting the activity.
  5. You understand that your obligation under this agreement will continue after your volunteer service is terminated.


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