City Union Mission's Response To COVID-19

To our valued partners and friends in the community:

As news changes almost daily regarding the current virus outbreak, we are closely monitoring the situation and complying with public health guidance as it is announced. Through it all, City Union Mission remains steadfast and committed to the health and safety of our clients, staff and volunteers.

I want you to know that our Mission staff is doing a beautiful job in keeping down the anxiety and concerns of our clients, many of whom already combat anxiety issues. The homeless have nowhere else to go, as many public places which normally accommodates them are closed, such as libraries, fast food restaurants, etc.

I also want you to know that we are taking every precaution to protect both guests and staff including:

  1. Our on-site medical services continues to monitor our clients/staff.
  2. We pre-screen all new intakes concerning their exposure to others, as well as taking their temperature during the intake process.
  3. We have dedicated rooms for both men and women who show flu-like symptoms. Our nursing staff checks in on them within hours. If additional medical services are needed our nurses will make the referrals.
  4. We have stopped all volunteer groups serving in our facilities until further notice.
  5. We have increased our protocol in sanitizing services in all of our facilities at least 3 times a day, to include bathrooms, dining room, door knobs, handrails, floors, etc.
  6. We have limited only necessary appointments outside the facilities so our clients are not having excessive exposure in public places.
  7. All home-prepared meals through our Bring & Serve program, will no longer be accepted into our kitchens.
  8. Several of our staff are now working remotely from home.

With these safety measures in place we will be able to continue offering shelter and care to the most vulnerable among us. While the challenges may increase in the coming days and weeks, we are digging deeper to fight this virus so it does not harm those who come to us for help. Please consider donating financially to help keep our facilities running efficiently and consistently throughout this current crisis.

Thank you all for your concern, your generosity and your prayers in these trying times as we continue to love those who need love most.


Terry Megli
Chief Executive Officer
City Union Mission