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Local Men in Need to Enjoy Christmas Celebration Thanks to City Union Mission and Graceway



More than 250 guests of City Union Mission’s Men’s Shelter will enjoy a traditional Christmas celebration including a worship service led by Arnold Shelby with ‘Beyond the Four Walls Ministry’; along with a dinner of pineapple baked ham, hash brown casserole, green bean casserole, glazed carrots, dinner rolls, tossed salad and pies for dessert.  This annual event aims to encourage struggling guests of the Mission by celebrating the joy found in Christ during the holiday season. Graceway Church will cover the cost of the food, and volunteers from the congregation will decorate the dining room, serve the meal, and make guests feel welcome and loved.


Friday, December 20


City Union Mission Men’s Center Chapel/Dining Room (1108 E. 10th Street, Kansas City, MO 64106)


6:30 p.m. – Worship service (Chapel)  
7:30 p.m. – Meal (Dining Hall)


The holiday season can be a difficult time for men who are struggling with homelessness, separated from their families or facing other challenges. The annual Christmas celebration offers guests of the Mission a time of fellowship and encouragement, reminding them that they have not been forgotten. The men will also receive Christmas gifts during a separate event.



For more information, contact David Phillips, at (816) 329-1454 or

Media representatives are invited to attend the event for photo and interview opportunities.


City Union Mission is an evangelical Christian ministry committed to sharing the Gospel and
meeting the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of men, women and children who are poor or homeless. 
City Union Mission.  Loving those who need love most.

Camp CUMCITO 2019 – Wk. 5 – Junior 2


When the campers arrived a few of them looked sleepy and we heard one first timer exclaim, “That was a LONG way from home.” The excitement was palpable as the campers made their way to lunch to enjoy the PB&J and tuna sandwiches prepared for them. We had a great week in store with much cooler temperatures and a little rain that cooled us down Sunday night. We had 40 boys and 43 girls and they arrived ready for the pool! 

Our theme this week was, “What does the TRUTH say?” The kids loved the skits and all the awesome worship songs at chapel time. Being able to participate in the skits onstage was the highlight of many campers week despite the “funny costumes,” they had a good time. One camper asked, “Why did they dress like that in the Bible?” Ha! 

Lake time was a hit for many previous campers, but for some of the newer friends, working up the courage to get into fish-infested waters would be the greatest challenge of their lives. One of my favorite friends was adamant that she would NOT be swimming, however, after two days of watching her friends have a blast, she ended up moving past her fear and with her counselor at her side, went into the water – her friends encouraging her each step she took. It took her awhile but we know she will leave camp knowing she faced and overcame her fear.  It was a wonderful thing to watch. 

The kids seemed to love all the critters of camp, at least the ones that didn’t sting. They had a ball with the bugs and butterflies.  One day a turtle wandered into the gymnasium, which caused quite a stir -- they loved it! We think every millipede in camp must now have its own name and a few of them are even married, thanks to an impromptu wedding ceremony.  

Mealtime was so enjoyable and the kids couldn’t wait to see what was in store, they asked for seconds and sometimes thirds.  They were all very grateful for all the yummy food!  One of our camp favorites was hearing the camp chants and learning how to match the beats. It’s probably one of the very best parts of mealtime!





Camp CUMCITO 2019 – Wk. 4 – Pre-Teen-2


Pre-Teen-2 week of camp was one to remember! There were tremendous achievements and doors opened. God's presence was made clearer, not only to the volunteers, but to the campers and staff as well. This week we had an astounding number of campers accept Jesus Christ into their hearts and many more were seeking Him and had all the right questions to ask. 

The heat was excruciating this week. Yet, the campers didn’t let that squash their enthusiasm to do everything just as planned. Thursday, the hottest day of the week, was our “lake day”. Guys went to crafts and cabin time, while the gals went to the lake and had a great time on the lake trampoline, boats, and battle barge -- then they switched. There were several brave campers that had previously vowed they would never step foot in the lake because it was “too creepy”, however, they ended up swimming all the way to the lake trampoline and loved every second!

Ron Wilson was our wonderful teacher this week at Pre-Teen camp. In the mornings the campers watched inspirational video sermons and professions of faith from Lee Strobel, Frank Turek, Steph Curry, Omar Simpson, Lecrae, just to name a few.  Ron spoke about being sure about God’s truth and knowing how and when to follow His path, even though it may be hard. The kids this week were bombarded, in a good way, with the love and truth of Jesus. They were filled with scripture, song, devotion and God centered authority. 

The campers had the opportunity in the morning to choose between field games or swimming lessons. The intermediate swim class focused on treading water and diving, while the beginners class focused on the fundamentals of swimming, floating and stroke styles. Field games gave the kids an extra opportunity to exert some of that preteen energy. Each day they played a different game such as basketball, kickball, nuke-'em, disc-golf, football, etc. 

In the evenings, each cabin had the opportunity to choose an “optional activity”. There were tons of things to choose from, such as -- Archery, S’mores, Rock-wall climbing, Canoeing, Lake trampoline, Night camp out, etc. Each one was a special experience that the campers may never have had before, which made it even more amazing to be a part of. 

God moved and worked in so many ways this week. There were a million beautiful memories made and we hope to see all the campers again next year. In the meantime, please join us in keeping each one lifted up and prayed for every day. God Bless.






Camp CUMCITO 2019 – Wk. 3 – Teen Girls


Teen Girls week was full of firsts -- a new director, a new chapel teacher, a new schedule and new activities!  There were a few bugs in the schedule (well, there are always bugs at camp….Ha!) that needed to be worked out in the beginning but with the amazing teamwork of the directors, all things turned out for good.

Monday is usually the busiest and longest day at Teen Girls. After a little cabin time, the campers are thrown into the pool, then they are thrown into the lake, then thrown into showers. Chapel was at 9:30, devotions at 10:15 and lights out at 11:00. You’d think the campers would fall into bed, asleep before they hit the sheets, however, it was their first night in a new place, so it was a while before they finally settled down.

Miss Ellen has been coming from Texas to be our Teen Girls cook for 9 years. On Friday evening before camp she found out she would be making a major shift: head cook to chapel teacher!  Ironically, she had never even been to chapel before... She did a great job teaching about the validity of the Bible and how its truths are twisted in today’s society. The girls heard that the TRUTH is JESUS!

New to this year, the campers were able to choose from a variety of skill activities for their morning rotation. For 2 hours they learned canoeing, climbing, theatre, art, dance, yoga/exercise, archery and fishing. Friday morning was the culmination of all their hard work. For canoeing they made an excursion to the Niangua River. The rock wall climbers climbed on actual cliffs near to camp. The fishing crew went to the harbor in Warsaw and caught enough fish to have a fish fry. The archers had a tournament. Paintball was another first time hit for Teen Girls this year.

Also new this year, the camp has the use of a school building which is owned by the Mission.  The exercise and theatre groups used it. The athletes ended their week on a ninja warrior course. Our group of budding actresses wrote and developed scenes which were then videotaped. They performed one of the scenes live in chapel Friday night. Our artists put their creations in the annual art show, which is an important part of the Friday night chapel activities.

The banquet Friday night was a true celebration of the girls’ beauty. They are each uniquely and wonderfully made. This year we had ten 16 year olds who said goodbye to being campers but will hopefully become future camp staff. As you can see, Camp CUMCITO gives the opportunity for many new experiences. We are praying that the girls’ lives have been truly changed by the power of the Holy Spirit! 

Camp CUMCITO 2019 – Wk. 2 – Junior 1


Junior 1 camp was such a cool week to be a part of!  We had several campers give their life to Jesus and many seeds were planted! God provided a great staff team and amazing counselors to love on the campers. It's so powerful when someone chooses to set aside a week of their life to join other people in serving, thinking not of themselves, but just to love on these kiddos. To love when it's going against all of the feelings in your head, to love when your feet hurt from walking to long, or just to love by giving up a weeks worth of your crazy busy life. At the end of the week counselors began to share stories.

In one cabin devotion time began to become a priority to the campers, as they were reminding the counselor to be on time for ‘devos’ and to take it seriously.

On a different note, camper told counselor that he had a dream. The dream was that he was drinking from the water fountain, but the water fountain ran out of water. The next day the camper went to drink out of the fountain and the all the water at Big Camp had stopped working. Don't be concerned the water was turned back on the same evening!

A camper was crying one day during chapel and her counselor asked what was wrong. The camper was thinking deeply on the gospel message that had just been spoken. She felt bad that Jesus had to die and didn't understand why someone would do that for her? She was moved by the love that Jesus so freely gave.  The counselor reassured her that it was okay, Jesus loved us so we can love others.

Throughout the week we believe God moved! He moved in the lives of volunteers and in the lives of campers! We are so excited on what God will do in the lives of these youngsters, building on the foundational truths that were shared with them this past week. We will be doing follow-up and continuing to build relationships with them. Thank you for your prayers!