The ministry of City Union Mission belongs to God–not to any person, board or church.  The staff are members of Bible-teaching churches and are committed to this ministry.  Many of our staff have been employed here for multiple years.  City Union Mission is governed by a godly and compassionate board of directors that understands its responsibility to assure that  contributions are used in an honorable way.  We consider ourselves to be an “arm of the church”–an extension of the ministries of many churches in the Kansas City metropolitan area.  Through their prayer and practical help, our supporting churches have “commissioned” City Union Mission to reach out to the poor, the homeless and the struggling.

The Lord has clearly chosen to bless this ministry.  For 90 years God has been pleased to meet the needs of the poor through His people and City Union Mission.  The late Rev. Maurice Vanderberg (Executive Director from 1954-1991) has said many times, “There is no logical reason that an organization like City Union Mission should have lasted this long were it not for the fact that God has given it His seal of approval and consistently provided.”

We believe that our friends and supporters desire to hear from us both when things are going well financially and in times of difficulty.  We pledge to act honorable and with integrity when raising funds.  We will always seek to communicate the Mission’s needs honestly and sensitively.

Because the church is God’s creation, Christians should support their local church before any other Christian organization.  We will never encourage people to support City Union Mission until they have first met their obligations to their home church.

We believe that every gift we receive comes from people who love God and this ministry.  We also believe that most of these gifts are given very sacrificially.  In light of this, we feel the responsibility to use all gifts conservatively and prayerfully.  No one will ever become financially wealthy at City Union Mission.  All donations are stretched as far as possible for the purposes they are given.

  • We will promptly send receipts for all donations.
  • We will pay for all purchases immediately or within 30 days.
  • We will never try to raise more money than what is needed to meet our budget.
  • We will never sell or rent our mailing list to those wishing to use the names and addresses of our supporters.
  • We conform to all standards established by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) which is a Christian organization created to ensure ethical financial practices (see

Our desire as a staff and board of directors is to please God in every aspect of this ministry.