FAQ's - Family Center

Meal Provider FAQ’s - Family Center (FC)

  • How much does it cost to Share-A-Meal and how many volunteers are needed? Breakfast - $120, Lunch - $110, Dinner - $150. Maximum of 18 volunteers.
  •  Where is the Family Center located?  Where do I go in?  1310 Wabash, KCMO 64127. (Prospect & 70 Hwy exit, 1 block west).  Parking is available on the Wabash Street side.  Go in the door off Wabash to check in at the security desk.)
  •  When should I pay for the Share-A-Meal and where do I send it?
    You can pay by credit card by calling 816-329-1468.
    You can mail your payment 10 days prior to serving.  Mail payment to 1100 E. 11th Street, Kansas City, MO  64106.  Be sure to note the payment is for Share-A-Meal and the date that you are serving on your check.
  •  Can I choose what meal we want for Share-A-Meal?  No, we will have the menu already in place.
  •  Do I have to pay more for including a dessert ?  Yes. Add an additional $30 for Lunch and $45 for Dinner.
  •  What time should the volunteers arrive for Share-A-Meal? (18 volunteers maximum: Only 4 can be in the kitchen to prepare the food, 4 can help fill plates and the other 10 can deliver meals to tables.)
    Breakfast –  To help prepare the food arrive by 6:00 am;  to serve at 7:00 am (Saturdays & holidays 8:00 am)
    Lunch (M-Sat)  –  To help prepare the food arrive by 11:00 am;  to serve at noon
    Dinner –  To help prepare the food arrive by 4:00 pm;  to serve at 5:00 pm
  •  What time should the volunteers arrive for Bring & Serve?
    Breakfast – Meal already hot arrive by 6:30 am; Meal to be warmed up 6:00 am; to serve at 7:00 am.
    Lunch – Meal already hot arrive by 11:30 am; Meal to be warmed up 11 am; to serve at noon.
    Dinner  –  Meal already hot arrive by 4:30 pm; Meal to be warmed up 4 pm; serve at 5:00 pm
  •  How long will we be there?  It will vary, but generally about 2 hours.
  •  Will I be helping with food preparation?  Yes, if you like, volunteers can assist the kitchen staff in food preparation, as well as serving the food and waiting tables.  The kitchen staff will always be on hand to direct and answer questions.
  •  Do I provide my own hair net and gloves?  No, we will provide these for you and your group.
  •  What if we need to cancel?  Just log on to your volunteer profile, click on the date you are to serve on the calendar and choose ‘Remove Me’.
  •  What is the minimum notice to cancel?  Ideally, we need to know 3 days prior to you serving, however, we understand things happen at the last minute that are not always within your control.  Please call the emergency contact above if you cannot serve on your scheduled day giving as much notice as possible so that we can make alternative arrangements.
  •  Is there an emergency contact I can call the day of?  Call 816-474-9380, Ext. 1415,  ask to speak to head cook
  •  Do you need us to stay and help clean-up after the meal?  If you would like to assist with clean-up, that is welcomed by our staff.  They will direct you as to where your help is most needed.
  •  How old must a child be to help serve a meal?   We just ask that a child be old enough that he or she would not prevent the parent from doing the task they are supposed to be doing.
  •  Can we eat too?  Yes, just include the additional dollars to cover all those that will be eating from your group.
  •  What is the latest I can sign up for a meal?  We need 3 days notice.