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Men's Services

For men in need of food, shelter and basic medical care, with opportunities for case management and life recovery.

»294 shelter beds in the clean and substance-free environment of our Men’s Center with overflow capabilities as needed during extreme weather conditions. Guests may stay for increments of 30 days without participating in case management. To encourage accountability and responsibility, men pay a $1 per night service fee or complete a work assignment to cover the fee.

»Three wholesome meals daily for men who spend the night at the Mission and attend chapel service

»Basic medical care provided by on-site nurse and Swope Health Services

»Showers, personal-hygiene items and suitable clothing

»Optional case management to connect men with social services and resources for housing and employment. (Those who choose not to take part in case management must leave the Mission for a 30-, 60- and 90- day period between each consecutive shelters stay of 30 days.)

For shelter guests seeking short-term and structured guidance toward independence and stability

New Beginnings Covenant (NBC)

A six-week program including biblically based life-skills classes that enables men to prepare for the long-term Christian Life Program and allows our staff to evaluate their readiness.

Job Hunters

A three-month program to assist men in finding full-time employment. Participants maintain accountability with a case manager and attend weekly Bible studies.

Special Arrangements

Men who have full-time employment are allowed to continue their stay for three months as case managers help them manage and save money in preparation to acquiring affordable housing.

Christian Life Center

For men dedicated to recovery from addiction and other destructive challenges and desiring to live successful and meaningful lives within their families and communities

Christian Life Program (CLP)

A 12- to 18-month residential program which takes a holistic and personalized approach to rebuilding lives physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. The three-phase curriculum includes individualized case management and counseling, work therapy, adult education, career development and job placement.

Christian Life Program Home Plan Application

Transitional Living Program (TLP)

Six apartments are provided to house up to 12 graduates of the CLP so they can remain under the Mission’s guidance for an additional 18 months while they work and grow in responsibility and accountability. The Mission holds one-half of their rent in reserve and returns it to them at the end of the program as a deposit to secure their own housing.

Servant Leadership Institute (SLi)

Graduates of the CLP may be accepted into the SLi where they are prepared and trained for a career in rescue mission ministry and hold the legal classification of intern. There is no cost to attend the program and the Mission provides room and board in return for up to 20 hours a week of on-the-job training. The student may also hold a part-time job outside the Mission to cover incidental expenses.

Click below to visit the Servant Leadership Institute page.

Learning Center

Program residents can access computers for developing workplace skills and participating in online training. Volunteers and staff are also on hand to tutor adult “students” in math, reading and other subjects as they prepare for GED exams.

The Harbor

Warsaw, Missouri

Men whose success at recovery may depend on their separation from past acquaintances and the temptations of the city can participate in the Christian Life Program at The Harbor, our long-term program located near Warsaw, Missouri.   The facility can house up to 28 men who maintain the grounds and facilities of the farm—which also serves as the Mission’s Camp CUMCITO for disadvantaged youth and families—while they work toward goals of establishing church membership, seeking gainful employment and locating affordable housing.

L. Minor Care Center

Offers accessible shelter and specialized services in a secure environment for as many as 35 homeless men diagnosed with mental illness or a physical disability.  All physical needs of our guests are met while the Mission coordinates care with local social, medical and mental-health service providers to help stabilize their physical and emotional conditions toward the goal of helping those who can to live independently or to locate appropriate alternatives and permanent solutions.

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