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The challenge is yours to accept!

City Union Mission’s Summer Internship is a structured, eleven-week experience of God’s ministry through City Union Mission to Kansas City’s urban core, serving at-risk and homeless youth. Camp CUMCITO interns will serve 7 weeks at our residential camp near Warsaw, MO and 4 weeks in Kansas City.  In the city, team meetings, classes, field trips, and preparation are required in addition to work assignments.  This is truly an intense, challenging, and rewarding experience!

Living on-site, interns have the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with clients, staff, and other interns as they live, work, and are devoted together for a common Kingdom purpose under the leadership of the intern coordinator.  Room, board, and a stipend are included.

This life changing summer will lead to: personal growth in understanding urban poverty, a deep sense of Christian community, and expanded skills.  Each intern is challenged to step out of the personal comfort zone and into a world of serving Christ in both exciting and sacrificial ways.

Our Camp CUMCITO Internship might be for you if you:
• Want to learn about God’s heart for the poor.
• Desire to better understand the gospel as it relates to urban ministry and outdoor recreation.
• Feel called to expose God’s handiwork as shown through creation and His Word.
• Enjoy ministering to kids through camp opportunities.



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