Would you like to see your car, boat, motorcycle, truck, moped, or other vehicle benefit City Union Mission? Many cars and some trucks are generously donated for graduates or Mission workers to use. As they complete the long-term recovery program, our graduates often need their own vehicle so they can apply and interview for jobs. For a vehicle to be eligible for donation, you must have clear title on the vehicle, and all names on the title must have signed on the reverse of the title, authorizing transfer of ownership. You will receive a receipt and the form you need for tax filing purposes. If the vehicle is located in the Kansas City metropolitan area, we can even pick it up and complete the paperwork on the spot. We no longer require the vehicle to pass Missouri or state vehicle inspection in order to receive it. If you have questions or would like to donate a vehicle, or if you know a dealer with a heart for the homeless, please call Lonnie at (816) 222-5062 or click here to contact City Union Mission.