And while it is true that some estates are bigger than others, you have an estate regardless of its size. We offer My Legacy Planner so our donors can receive and implement excellent, printable planned giving options which allows them to bless individuals and organizations they love though a confidential, no-obligation method.FulcrumLandPage One of the reasons why we love this tool so much is that you can use it in the comfort and convenience of your own home — there is no need to feel any pressure. You get the benefit of knowing a range of options without anyone making you feel obligated.  There is no follow up and if you take any steps after seeing the options, you are taking them from your own initiative. Also, many think estate planning is a choice between giving to their children OR a ministry, but you can do both! In reality, if you have not established an estate plan, you are giving the state and federal government the power to choose which non-profit organizations will be funded with the resources in your estate.



The sound principles of assessing your estate planning circumstance is one you can trust — not only for its confidentiality but its accuracy and completeness.  You get as full of a picture of the important financial elements of making an estate plan as is possible based on current information. Another excellent benefit of My Legacy Planner is that you can take print the options it informs you of and take them with you on your next visit with your financial planner. It could help you build your own vision of what you would like to happen with your estate and the best ways to get there. Having your own resource for this will certainly lead to a better understanding of your many options, which puts you in the driver’s seat in your estate plan. To take a look at how charitable giving in your estate plan might help you provide for your heirs, reduce taxes, and still bless your favorite charities, please invest ten minutes in using My Legacy Planner. Please understand, no one at City Union Mission will be able to see your personal financial information, but it will help you see how you can avoid leaving unnecessary taxes, and instead, bless your favorite ministries and family. Well above 70% of Americans do not have a current will. And even those who do, they typically haven’t thought to include a school, local church, or a favorite ministry such as City Union Mission in their estate plan. We are so grateful for friends like you, who with regular donations and sacrificial giving, help us fulfill and expand the reach of City Union Mission. We receive many inquiries from individuals who have heard about what God is doing through our ministry and have asked us if they could include City Union Mission in their estate plan–we have responded with an enthusiastic yes! If you would like to learn about how to make a legacy-type gift to City Union Mission through the donor-advised funds we have established with the National Christian Foundation Heartland, click here. If you would like to learn more about estate planning, click here.