Distance sLi Students

Distance Students


  • Classes on Friday(10-11am CT) cover a myriad of topics of importance in the ministry of Rescue.
  • The students participate in interactive class discussions on the topic of the week.
  • Guest speakers are included on occasion.
  • There are regular reading assignments from the sLi textbook,"Called to Serve, Servant Leadership Jesus Style". Click to learn about the sLi textbook!
  • The Friday classes coordinate with each chapter from the sLi textbook.
  • Distance students need a computer with camera and microphone and availability to attend video conferencing class on Fridays 10-11 central time


  • Each Mission develops their plan for on-the-job training in their local Mission
  • Supervisors for each quarter must provide training and a three-month evaluation.
  • The dollar value of services given to the student (housing, meals, education, training etc.) exceeds the dollar value of 16-20 hours of work (on-the-job training) figured at minimum wage or better.
  • Our graduates are well received in the Mission workforce.

Special Notes for Rescue Missions

  • Each participating Mission develops their own plan but all utilize the Friday morning class provided by City Union Mission.
  • Each Mission provides a contact person who oversees the program in the local Mission. They will work with the Director of the Institute, Lorraine Minor, in the application and evaluation processes.