City Camp Week 8 – Sports Week

Attention ladies and gentlemen:  City Camp has rounded third base and is heading for the home stretch!  Week eight, Sports week, sprung into action in a big way.  When we say big, we don’t mean in the sense of numbers.  All the younger students were away at Camp CUMCITO, leaving just the oldest of our bunch at City Camp. We kicked off the week with a tour of the most amazing stadium that any of us had ever seen — Sporting KC Stadium.  Students learned about game suites, the pipes that run under the field, and the reasons that the builders chose to do various architectural ideas.  They learned about how the field is versatile and can be used for various sports as well as concerts.  It is amazing that KC has such a well thought out stadium. Throughout the week, the Blue Crew got to do many special activities.  They walked to parks, watched movies, and made T-Shirts using a basketball. Their gym time was full of sports games like Chinese Fire Drill Basketball and Four Corners Soccer.  They read about a baseball team made all of brothers and about other sporting events throughout history along with some fictional stories.  On Friday, during the memory verse challenge many Blue Crew members could be seen proudly wearing the shirts they had created earlier in the week. The Red and Orange Crews read about Jackie Robinson and the obstacles that he had to overcome.  They discussed values that Jackie used in his life and they all worked hard to present one of the nine values in a fun way.  They did skits, they rapped, and they worked hard to make their presentations fun and entertaining to watch.  At the same time, they informed each of us what their value was and how we can put it in to practice today.  They used the discussions on barriers and values from throughout the first three days to write essays about barriers that they face. From homelessness, to absent fathers, to fear, they poured their hearts into their writing and they thought creatively about how to overcome those obstacles both today and in the future. Sports week opens up some powerful opportunities to hear what God has to say to His children about training hard.  Our theme verse for the week was 1 Corinthians 9:25-27, which talks about training with purpose.  We discussed the weight of sin and how heavy things keep us from running well.  God has given us a path to follow through His word, and sin weighs us down and bring bondage, but the good news of the Gospel is that Christ died to relieve us of that burden of sin.  The Armor of God lead into a discussion about the spiritual war that is going on every day.  We also talked about uniforms and who’s team we are playing on.  Our crews were asked to think hard about which jersey they are wearing, Christ’s or the world’s?  They were asked to consider how they were representing Christ’s team if that’s the jersey they were wearing. The best part of the week, by far, was having a local hip-hop artist, SAUCE REMIX, join us to discuss rap as a positive influence.  It’s amazing to see him discuss the history of rapping and the ways in which it has changed over the years.  Sauce grew up in KC and had his life radically changed by the message of Christ’s redeeming love.  He knows what our students face each day because he’s been there and he’s very real with our students about where life in the streets can lead.  The best part of the entire week is watching him encouraged our students to write positive raps that could impact their city.  On Wednesday afternoon, we hooked up the sound system, cranked some beats and spit some rhymes to the sound of cheers from our fellow Crew members.  The messages of our students was to be understanding to people in hard situations, stop violence, stay in school, and represent Christ.  They left our hearts with hope for the future of Kansas City.