City Camp Week 6 – Go West!

During our Wild West week, July 8-12th, we had to make a difficult decision. Due to several factors, we didn’t have enough staff to provide City Camp to all of the campers. We were, however, able to run our program for a small group of campers whose parents were counting on us to care for their children during that time.
Though we had a small group, it was a great week! We found that we were able to have deeper discussions during devotions because of the smaller groups. Our staff had the opportunity to really get to know the campers that were here that week too. It was different, but good. God showed us that he could take the situation that we felt sad about and turn it into something special and use it for his glory. During one of the devotions, campers participated in a mock-auction selling off different talents, skills, and experiences. They were asked, “What would you pay to be the most popular kid at school? …to be an astronaut? …to go sky-diving?” and so on. In the end, we asked them how much they would be willing to give to save their soul. Campers were very engaged in the discussion and staff had a chance to clearly share the gospel to a receptive group. It was a blessing!
We also had a chance to have lots of fun making western crafts and playing cowboy games. We took the campers swimming at Platte County Community Center North YMCA and Sherwood Bible Church Public Swimming Pool—which was a great time, as usual. On the last day, campers were in for a surprise. We took them to the Truman Library Museum—thanks to the Truman Library for allowing us to bring all the kids for free because of their school supply drive during the month of July. After that we went for……… a COVERED WAGON RIDE!!!
It was so cool to experience a part of the Wild West that none of us had experienced before.  Thanks sot Pioneer Traills Covered Wagon Adventures ( for giving us all a taste of the West.