City Camp 2018 - Wk. 8 - Around the World


Week 8 of City Camp took us "Around the World". We had a great time learning about other cultures and places around the globe. One of our staff, Ms. Melinda is our resident world traveler and just returned from a trip to visit a friend in Malawi. She and some friends here stateside were able to share about life and culture in African nations.  They also shared about South Asia as well.

We had a very good education session on the dangers of stereotypes. Unsurprisingly, most of our students don't like stereotypes they may hear about themselves or others close to them, but it was good to think about others who are also stereotyped unfairly. During recreation we played the game "Around The World", and how can we go around the world without sampling some of the food? We enjoyed sampling some cookies from Belgium called speculoos, a snack mix and samosas from India, tim tam cookies from Australia, and Pocky's from Japan. Since we couldn't actually travel around the world, we traveled outside our building to explore. Some of our older students went to the Nelson Atkins Art Museum while our elementary students went to the Parkville Nature Sanctuary.

In our devotions this week we continued to learn about the life of Jesus in a very different and creative way. On Monday our staff and interns performed a short play that presented the Gospel, depicting that Jesus died on a cross for our sins and that we might have eternal life and a relationship with God. As we followed the lives of our two main characters we were able to demonstrate that knowing God doesn't come through any good we do, or by any of our own merits, but through what Christ did for us - taking all our sin, dying in our place, that we might accept this free gift of salvation. Jesus from the grave, conquering sin and death, and because He lives, we too have the promise of eternal life. As the week continued, we were able to further unpack the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus and what it means for us. We had many, many spiritual inquiries and fantastic questions and conversations. Please pray for our students as they consider these truths and what they mean in their own lives.