2015 Camp CUMCITO - Wk 2 - PreTeen1

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Camp CUMCITO - Week 2 - PreTeen1

At Pre-Teen camp, our purpose statement is: To guide campers through rites of passage as they grapple with their personal ownership of decisions (sin, forgiveness, salvation, character, behavior, etc.) and their understanding of how God values people, affecting the value we place on others and ourselves and affecting our interpersonal interaction. (Appropriate male/female relationships, etc.)

One way we address that is by having a special chapel session where we separate the boys and girls for gender-specific conversations.

Mr. Brett, the teacher for the week, gathered the boys at the front of the chapel and talked to them about the lies they hear about what it means to be a man, and how Jesus shows us what love looks like through His sacrificial love. They don’t have to be the man, but they can rely on Jesus and show His sacrificial love to the people around them.

Miss Angie, one of our chapel assistants, sat in a circle with the girls in another room, and they talked about how they are a valuable masterpiece that God has created. She encouraged the girls to protect God’s masterpiece by not allowing boys to get smudges and fingerprints all over His painting. To know that a boyfriend won’t make them feel loved and valuable, but that they are loved and valued by God.

Mission founder's granddaughter, Beth Liebling, reads to the little campers at Tot Lot.

The Tot Lot purpose statement is: Under God’s authority, to weave the truth and love of Christ into all camper experiences so that each child has wonderful memories – spiritually, physically, mentally, socially, or materially – and attaches all to Jesus Christ.

In the evenings at Tot Lot, after the tots shower and brush their teeth, they go to Twilight Hour. During Twilight Hour, they are learning about the Good Shepherd through the adventures of Snowflake, the lamb puppet. The children called Snowflake’s name and “baa”ed with him when he wandered away and got lost. They were so happy to hear that the Good Shepherd searched for and found His lost lamb. They are learning that God, the Good Shepherd, will help them to obey and be good boys and girls.

At the end of the story, the tots sing a Goodnight Song, and then each Big Sibling prays with his or her children, in groups of three or four. After their prayer, they go to the dorms to get tucked into bed, often with a staff member singing a quiet song to help them fall asleep.