Minor Care Center for Those with Special Needs

CFullSizeRender(7)ity Union Mission’s continued desire is to help those who are hurting. We currently are in the process of establishing a new Minor Care Center for those with special needs. Our wish is to have a renovated facility ready to receive men by the Spring of 2015 who can be cared for in a longer-term environment than what we are currently able to do in our Men’s Shelter. Right now, we typically receive over 75 men each night who have disabilities ranging from debilitating mental illness to physical handicaps. These men stay in the general population, which is not conducive to their overall care because we cannot focus on their special needs. Therefore, our plan is to provide a place which will allow dedicated attention to the special needs population. We will be providing between 40 and 60 beds and more intensive counseling and case management through cooperative partnerships with medical and psychological staff/facilities to help these men transition into their own living arrangements. Through the special needs facility, we are looking at success being defined by our ability to coordinate efforts with local social and medical services to help our special needs guests stabilize and then reintegrate into the community through training and education, seeking long-term housing, and ensuring a support network is in place to meet the needs of the individual once they have left our program. FullSizeRender(1) FullSizeRender(3) FullSizeRender(4)

 Money raised via CrowdRAZ will go toward the expenses of a bathroom and exit door that are needed in order to start housing men in the building. Our goal is to raise up to $20,000.

Join us in celebrating our 90th Anniversary by inviting nine friends to donate $10 each to assist with expenses for this project . Here’s how to do it. First, create your own CrowdRAZ page by clicking here! CrowdRAZ is quick and easy to use. And should you have any questions about setup, making a donation, sharing with your friends and family or anything else, we have your answers! Once you’ve created your 90th Anniversary CrowdRAZ page,  share your page with your friends, family, social followers and anyone who would be interested in supporting and celebrating the City Union Mission’s 90th Anniversary. We hope that you encourage nine people to donate $10 each, for a total of $90.