“You helped me turn my life around and I can’t say thanks enough.”

We were blessed to visit with a past client, Merrill, recently.  This young man did not complete the Christian Life Program here at Opportunity Farm.  He actually was released from the program twice.  He served some time in the Missouri Department of Corrections, and yet because of the impact the program had on him, he got his life turned completely around.
No longer on drugs, Merrill is attending college, working out – getting healthy in spirit, mind and body.  He has lost about 65 lbs and has a great outlook and stops by from time to time to say, “Thanks, I needed the discipline you gave me. You didn’t let me get by with my manipulations and you held me accountable and responsible.  You helped me turn my life around and I can’t say thanks enough”.
We are grateful to have our past clients check-in with us to share how they are doing.  They not only encourage us as staff, but also are an encouragement to the other men currently enrolled in the program. (Submitted by David Busick, Administrator of the Mission’s Christian Life Program at Opportunity Farm in Warsaw, MO)