On Tuesday and Thursday of every week the members of the Christian Life Program gather in the Multipurpose room of the CLC and spend time in worship to our Lord and God.  It is a very simple meeting with some singing and praying, yet it has become a highlight of the men’s activities.  At 7 a.m. after some coffee and breakfast they simply gather throughout the 50 x 80 foot room, some at tables, some standing, some sitting, and we worship God in songs of praise and thanksgiving.  With the words projected on a screen with an overhead projector and a CD of the song, we bless God and we pray.  We pray for each other and for this world which desperately needs Him.  It is a blessed event.
As a Mission staff member I am blown away with the hunger to worship the men have.  They leave the room singing the songs.  They come to me asking for copies of the words.  Today a new man on the program, Derek, at the end asked to say something and turned to the group of 60 or so men and said how he has been in many churches with sometimes hundreds of people and has never heard men sing with such heart and soul.
This has been our dream for some time, to begin days looking at and to God as a hungry people.  Honoring God as our God with thanksgivings for His willing suffering, death, burial, resurrection and then sending us His Spirit.  What a privilege and joy to be with these men worshipping God.
(Submitted by Gary Mountz, Men’s Ministries Director at City Union Mission.)