Camp CUMCITO 2019 – Wk. 1 – Pre-Teen 1

Pre-Teen 1 had 53 campers this year and God’s presence was felt in every cabin and activity. Staff arrived Sunday afternoon just as the rain took a break for the rest of the week!  The morning schedule consisted of swimming lessons, field games and chapel. It’s amazing to see campers go from being afraid of the water and not even wanting to put their faces in, to being able to jump in with full abandon and come up smiling. Afternoon swim time had the boys trying to dunk staff and the girls playing games and meeting new friends. The water this week was a refreshing break from the heat. They also had craft time in the afternoon where the main craft was pinewood derby cars which they raced at the carnival on Friday evening!

Instead of pool time one day during the week the boys and girls took turns going to the lake. Some had to overcome their fear of biting fish before they plunged in! There were four rotations which included the battle barge, swim beach, boating (canoes and paddle boats), and the lake trampoline. There were some epic battles between boy campers and staff on the battle barge. The smaller boys did not give up easily. While intimidating at first, the trampoline quickly became a favorite. Swimming out to the trampoline was a challenge for some because they are not used to swimming in bulky life jackets. Some had fun just bouncing, while others went flying off the blob. 

The choices were endless when it came to evening optional activities. This week we had camp-outs for both the boys and the girls (on separate nights of course), S’mores, archery, rock wall climbing and fishing. Even though the kids swam every day, some still chose more swimming in the evening — they couldn’t get enough!  Some campers used their pool time for swim lessons. 

With all the fun camp activities and great food, what was the favorite thing that many of the campers most looked forward to? Chapel! Mr. Tom’s teaching was about TRUTH and the truth is Jesus. He is the Way the Truth and the Life. Chapel was a time of lively and meaningful worship. Mr. Tom brought his mother’s well-worn Bible and shared how she stood on its truths while going through difficult times. Chapel also included pre-recorded news broadcasts from a real investigative reporter who just happens to be a Christian friend/coworker of Mr. Tom. She presented evidence to prove the Bible is God’s TRUE Word. On Friday she made a surprise visit to camp in person. The campers were more than excited. What a way to end Pre-Teen 1 camp 2019!