Watching My Son Grow in God’s Word

The New Life Program (NLP) has done so much for me, but I am writing this to share how much the program has done for my son. Milo, who just turned 9 years old, is a child being transformed into a testimony for God. Milo had no stability in his first eight years of life. My addictions led us down a path of constant change, and usually not positive ones.
We have been at City Union Mission for 9 months and I have seen my child change so much. His confidence is growing and he has opened up to share hurts from the past. He has a heart for doing right. He wants fairness for everyone he meets, and his heart breaks when he sees others hurting.
We read daily Bible stories, and he questions me when he doesn’t understand. We have been known to call a sister in Christ to make sure we are fully understanding God’s Word! I am learning right along with Milo. He recently shared with me that he feels safe and doesn’t worry about me any more. He knows that God is directing our lives now, and we will be ok. I am blessed to be able to raise Milo with God now, and I owe so much to the City Union Mission for allowing us to be a part of the program. Thank you.
(Submitted by Chris, a participant in the New Life Program at City Union Mission)