2015 Camp CUMCITO - Tornado! - A Camp Volunteer Reflection


Camp CUMCITO - Tornado! - A Camp Volunteer Reflection

We knew a storm was headed our way last Wednesday, what is now a night for the camp history books. Staff were watching the radar and following the weather alerts so we would be ready. The decision was made to start chapel early so everyone would be inside. It ended up being a great chapel time. Campers viewed photos of themselves taken earlier in the week, sang songs at the top of their lungs, watched the skit (with audible frustration when the scene ended with a cliffhanger to be continued the next night), and listened in silence to the teaching. The chapel teacher shared the gospel story, telling the campers about the sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross for our sins, providing the only way for us to reach God.

After chapel, the skies were cloudy, but with no rain, we got everyone to their showers and then back to cabins to start devotions.

It will be a long time before any of us forget that night.

We got word of the tornado warning for our county. Cabin by cabin, campers were guided through blinding rain to the safety of the chapel basement. In a short period of time, everyone at camp was accounted for in one of two basements on the campground.

Campers and staff held hands in a huge circle and prayed to God for safety and to calm our fears. We started singing camp songs together, while counselors comforted their campers. In time, the singing turned more joyful.

While the tornado warning lasted, Cabins grouped together to pray and finish their devotion time, and then a movie was put on before we were able to send everyone safely back to their cabins to sleep, thanking God for keeping us safe that night. We found out later that one camper accepted Christ as his Savior during devotions before the storm, for which we also give thanks.

(Submitted by Janice Seagraves, Camp staff volunteer)