The Tiny Lighted Door

Wait, don’t go near there, it is not large enough for even a thought to pass through. Yet how is it we see a pinhole of light?
Drawn by something towards not of mere thoughts, but something foreboding, incomprehensible.
Lest we all stand here firmly planted we won’t know.
Whom is brave, daring, courageous, one without fear and a total understanding of what we face here, or within there.
Walking towards, seemingly gaining nothing not only of ground, we begin to hasten our pace realizing that our paths are no different than the speed of which shows no gain.
Resting and using what I just pondered upon, we notice the lighted object enlarged. What, why, how doesn’t answer, but in itself.
Taking another breath, visualizing this object suddenly it appears just out of reach and certainly attainable. This door recognizable now not so tiny and of immensely great light, shinning upon our surroundings, enabling us to a realization that of which is a type of moving picture.
The foreboding wasn’t that out of reach, but is that of which has always surrounded us.
Now standing, fearing what is to happen, we reach for a handle to aid in opening the door. Touching this handle is something that we all want. Our senses awakening as we firmly grasp the handle opening the door in haste, feeling our inner person leaping in joy as we sense also that something left behind, won’t be missed.
Anewness, AWE-NEW-NESS — the very tiny door was opened, lighted, showing, guiding our way; here next to Him laid the key that was placed before our journey started and was drawn to the tiny lighted door.
(Written By David M. Roettgen,  a participant in the Christian Life Program at City Union Mission)