The Intern Life – ‘More Than A Soup Kitchen’

Most of the time when people think of City Union Mission they think of providing meals and shelter for the Kansas City homeless. Well, I’m here to set the record straight, the Mission is indeed ‘More Than A Soup Kitchen’. It’s hard to understand a rescue mission when you aren’t clear on what all it does. City Union Mission is no ordinary rescueAshley mission; they are a resource for God to not only take care of His people, but guide them in the way of salvation and freedom. Of course the Mission does provide shelter and food to those guests that walk through its doors, but that’s not all, there’s so much more! As an intern, I’ve had the privilege of seeing firsthand the great things this particular rescue mission is doing for God’s people in Kansas City, and I get to be a part of it! I figured I’d tell you about just a few of them including: Camp CUMCITO (City Union Mission’s Camp In The Ozarks), Tot Lot, City Camp, the Christian Life Program (CLP) and the New Life Program (NLP). I recently wrote a post on my experience when I visited Camp CUMCITO a few weeks ago. The camp loca ted in Warsaw, Missouri, is open 6 weeks each summer for impoverished children from the Kansas City area. Each age group, from 6-16 years old, gets to attend a full week of camp! The campers experience God in nature, and learn many new skills while there, such as swim lessons, archery, and throwing a frisbee. It’s aTuesday - Pre-Teen (2) great place for the campers to forge new friendships, learn about God and develop a relationship with him. Tot Lot, across the road from Camp CUMCITO, is a camp for youngsters ages 4-6 years old. I watched as the campers rode horses, learned about the days of the world’s creation and worked on craft projects reflecting the knowledge they had just learned. It’s refreshing to see children exploring and excited when it comes to learning. The Mission also has a day camp in the city, appropriately named ‘City Camp’. This is a summer long camp is for the children in the Mission’s Family Shelter and neighborhoods surrounding the Mission. The campers gain applicable knowledge through Bible stories. For example, one week the theme was ‘Heroes’ and they learned about heroes of the world such as firefighters and police officers, and heroes of the Bible such as King David. Of course they also talked about the ultimate hero — Jesus Christ. There arDSCN1745-be two long-term recovery program available at the Mission for clients that desire to get their lives back on track in order to live a successful life outside of the Mission — the Christian Life Program (CLP) and the New Life Program (NLP). The CLP is a 12 to 14 month program specifically for men; while the NLP is a 5 to 7 month program for families and single womenDSC_0020. In our emergency shelters, guests have classes available to them, but it is in the long-term program where they can continue classes at an advanced level. These programs have helped hundreds of people get off the streets and live lives in concordance with God. Basically I’m saying City Union Mission offers more than just food and shelter to those who walk through the door, they offer hope and a new life. (Submitted by Ashley Gillihan, Development Department Intern at City Union Mission)