Stories from Family Shelter Staff

There was a young lady who came into our Family Shelter because of a unique situation.  She attends college in Chicago, but was in town visiting family.  While she was here the family member she had come to visit had a death in the family. She came to the our shelter because she had run out of family members she could stay with while waiting to go back to school. She stayed for two weeks then went back to school to finish her education to become a doctor.  Each situation is different and not always what most people expect of those we serve. ———————————————————————- I was reminded this month how important it is to catch a client when they relapse. When a pattern of failure, dysfunction, or addiction has been the rule, it generally is not reversed in just 30 days, so it seems best to not be surprised by failure. Providing the opportunity to feel the weight of the sin is important. However, being willing to not let the client completely shipwreck also is important. “K” is feeling the consequences of heavy sin, but is being offered grace by her parole officer and her mission family as she is paying the price for her behavior. God calls His rescuers to live like the Great Rescuer. ———————————————————————- At times, we ourselves need encouragement. One day I came into work, and I was pretty down. I was struggling with something in my own life that was discouraging me. Later that day I was speaking with one of the clients, and she reminded me of the same verses I had shared with her when she was struggling with a similar problem. I’m glad to see some things I have told to clients is sticking. Not only was she able to recall the encouragement I gave her, but she encouraged me when I was not doing well myself.