Step by Step

Stepping StonesThe following is a sequence of thoughts that some men might undergo when at the Mission and involved in its programs: 1.  There is no God and I hate Christians. 2.  There is no God and I tolerate some Christians. 3.  There is no God but I can respect Christians who respect others. 4.  There might be a God and I am thankful for the genuine Christians who have shown care for me. 5.  There might be a God and because some Christians do genuinely care, I should consider what they say about God. 6.  I can believe there is a God and I hope He considers me worth helping. When men start at the Mission with their thoughts at 1 or 2, any movement toward thoughts of a “higher number” is significant progress.  Jesus calls us to “fish for men” and showing love in action is part of God’s breaking down the walls of a man’s hard heart.  Romans 2:4 indicates that “realizing God’s kindness leads a person toward repentance.”  Charles Swindoll says, “People won’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” It is fascinating to see men, over time, come to recognize there is a God who does care for them, and then make a choice to place their faith in Him. Every step 1-6 is a step toward faith and trust.  Hopefully they will even move to “steps 7 and beyond”.  What a privilege it is to be a part of God’s plan and communicate His love and truth to those who need it.
(Submitted by Bret Kroh,  Christian Life Program Assistant Administrator at City Union Mission)