Sometimes We All Need a Refresher!

Because of my position at City Union Mission I had the opportunity to remain in contact with a graduate named Eric, who was really struggling.  He kept coming around and God allowed me to minister to him physically by helping him get money for a bus pass and some medication he needed.  God also used me to speak words of truth to Eric.  He left, but God kept those words going through his head.
The next time I saw Eric he said that he had spoken with the Christian Life Program Administrator and he was able to come back to the program on a refresher basis.  God has definitely changed him.  He is becoming more humble and submissive.  Through this process God has provided him with a job after several years of searching.  He is now choosing to stay in-house on the weekends rather than going back to the lifestyle and choices he once knew.  I am so proud of him.  It is such a blessing to be a part of the Mission and witness such changes in these men on a daily basis.
(Written by Donna Oster, Administrative Assistant for the Men’s Emergency Shelter at City Union Mission)