One Who Came Back To Say "Gracias"


Though staff and volunteers who work in Community Assistance love to assist the women and families we serve, during the busy holiday season the numbers of clients we see can be very draining. Among those we serve are Latino families and women who often speak very little English. We are thankful for bilingual volunteers and also Google Translate that allows us to communicate with these clients. Often there is someone in these households who is working, but the income is simply not enough to meet their needs.
Hilda came for Christmas assistance. Hilda works as a maid at a local motel making $3.75 an hour.  We are aware that they sometimes earn tips in addition, but how many of us remember to leave a tip for the maid who cleans up after us? With the aid of Google Translate, I was able to have a conversation with Hilda and offer her more than simply the Christmas gifts she was seeking. After completing intake, Hilda left my office to wait for the spiritual conversation with our volunteer. Then Hilda remembered and turned around, coming back to my office to express her thanks. It nearly brings tears to my eyes as I think about her.
(Submitted by Lydia Allen – Community Assistance Administrator at City Union Mission)