My Road to Recovery

All these years my addictions have been thinking for me. Now, all that is left is the shadow of what had been controlling me. I have been down some rough roads, through hard times and I have made some unhealthy choices and mistakes along the way. I have see that mistakes are for learning, not condemnation so – to err is human – to hold on to your mistakes is a sin.
I have made a conscience choice to not live my life in shame, guilt and sorrow. I have made a choice to take action and change. Overcoming mental blocks has been a period of adjustment for me. Being sober allows me to identify triggers associated with relapse, old mind sets and the darkness that would attack me and keep me down.
I will continue to trust God in everything, not because I need Him to think for me, but because I need Him to teach me how to think for myself.
I will continue to trust God to help me identify internal warning signs of relapse, not because I need Him to do it for me, but because I need Him to help keep me away from my old mind sets.
I will trust God, not because I have to, but because I have discovered who I am.
I will continue to trust God as my choice of intervention, not because I am lazy, but because my flesh is deceitful and weak.
I will continue to trust God in all my abilities, not because I cannot do it on my own, but because of the love I have for Him, therefore I trust Him.
God will always be my source of intervention, my constructive intervention, my choice of intervention, and God implements my intervention for me.
(Written by Dawn, a participant in the New Life Program at City Union Mission)